How to Get Leads by Speaking: Inspire – Impact – Influence – Income

     By: AmondaRose Igoe – February 28, 2019 – Posted in: Tips

Are you an entrepreneur or small biz owner wondering how to get leads for your business? Are you a motivational or public speaker seeking for speaking gigs? Find out here how to get leads through speaking in networking events, as a keynote speaker, or ….

3 Must-Do Steps to Get Leads or Speaking Gigs

#1 Impact

Your Problem may be:


What You Must Do:

  1. Learn body language and presentation delivery. When it comes to speaking, we don’t know what we don’t know.  We aren’t aware of common mistakes and repeat patterns that are impacting  our speaking results. Discover four costly presentation mistakes that impact your speech delivery and your cash flow.
  2. Learn how to connect emotionally with your audience.  When you share a personal story of transformation with your audience you will build the know, like and trust factor and move your audience in to action. 


#2 Influence

Your Problem may be:


What You Must Do:

  1. Learn to present clear and concise presentation that gets your audience raving about you.  Why do some speakers wow their audience every single time?  They understand that you need a presentation formula that works. Discover how to give a good presentation so you can avoid mistakes and improve your results
  2. Learn step by step how to create a presentation Are you struggling to create your first or next presentation?  Utilize a simple presentation structure that you can use over and over again when speaking. 
  3. Learn why you need to connect emotionally with your audience and how personal storytelling is one of the best kept secrets in the public speaking industry. It is easy to learn the do and don’t of personal presentation storytelling, and why a standout signature story is essential to your success.


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#3 Income

Your Problem:


What You Must Do:

  1. Learn how to make money as a speaker. There are nine surefire ways to make money as a speaker so that you can create consistent clients and cash flow in  your career and/ or you speaking business
  2. Learn  the essentials of getting booked for speaking gigs and even how to convert online leads from your presentation into sales. It is an essential step in your speaking success!
  3. Learn how to convert your speech and/or presentation into followers, email subscribers, social media fans, prospective client leads, speaking gigs and new sales. Ensure that you don’t miss out on the golden financial opportunity to increase sales and create income as a motivational speaker, public speaker or from your program or product sales.
  4. Learn how to create online courses and programs to create sales from the internet. Reach more people and create more prosperity by developing online training courses.  It is so easy now when you know how to get started. 
  5. Learn how to compel your audience to move forward and confidently make an offer from the stage. When it comes to speaking, you can make money from paid some money from paid presentations.  And you will make a lot more money when you know how to sell from the stage, also know as speak to sell.



I am here to tell you that you can magnetize your audience and achieve massive monetary speaking results, whether you want to be a great speaker, keynote presenter or motivational speaker, speak to sell from the stage, get booked a speaker so you can impact lives from around the globe, overcome your fear and feel more confident as a presenter, share your story with more people and so much more!

Commit to taking the speaking training and presentation coaching steps you need to take so you can inspire your audience, impact more lives, influence others in a positive way and create income that is beyond your wildest dreams.

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