How to Become a Motivational Speaker

     By: AmondaRose Igoe – February 21, 2019 – Posted in: Tips

Do you want to know how to become a motivational speaker? Do you want me to change more lives? Make a positive difference in the lives of more people?

You are in the right place today! And if you want to monetize your presentations as a motivational speaker, this is the place you need to be. I am AmondaRose Igoe, Your Speaking Success Strategist, award-winning speaking trainer and best-selling author. I’m super excited to talk to you today about how to become a motivational speaker and share some of my favorite speaker training strategies.


Learn How to Become a Motivational Speaker with these 3 Proven Speaker Training Strategies

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Tip # 1  Monetize Your Presentations

The first thing you need to know is all about monetizing your presentations. Yes, you have to be able to monetize those presentations while making a difference in the lives of others. You have to make money at it, right?

The one thing that you want to make sure that you don’t do is undercharge for your presentations. If you undercharge for them, then the organization that’s hiring you won’t get enough value from it.

As a result of paying you a low fee, they won’t see you as a person who’s an expert in your industry. And if your fees are too low, you might not even get a chance to be considered for the motivational speaker opportunity.

As a result, you most likely will need to be open to charging more than you’re currently charging for your motivational presentations.

Even if you’re getting started as a motivational speaker, you can charge maybe a thousand dollars for a motivational talk in the United States. (Other locations may be less or more.)

Keep in mind that you can increase your fees in increments while you also increase the value of your motivational presentations by getting more experience.

One day, you might get paid ten-thousand US dollars for a presentation or a keynote. Isn’t that cool? Yes!


Tip # 2  Maximize Your Message

The other thing, you want to make sure you do as a motivational speaker is maximize your message. When you are looking for motivational speaking opportunities, you want to make sure that you highlight how you specialize in something. See, motivation’s just motivation. Your presentations just can’t be motivational because there are lots of people who can motivate an audience. However, an area of specialty is what people want.

So when it comes to presenting your topic to a group, have an area of specialty. So, what do you specialize in? What makes you different?


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Tip # 3  Provide a Step-by-Step System

And the third tip that I’m going to share with you is you want to provide a step by step system that people can follow. People like step by step.

If you give the audience a bunch of data, overwhelm them with too much information that they can’t utilize on their own, your audience will give your presentation low reviews. And if it doesn’t feel systematized and easy to follow, you won’t get your repeat motivational talk customers and speaker referrals.

Make sure that you have an easy to follow system that your audience can utilize and recommend.

For example, one of my complete speaker training programs is “Invincible Speaker Mastery.” Another one is “Speaking Success Blueprint.” Another one is the “Get Booked Blueprint.” You can see that I have a lot of systems for speaker training and presentation coaching. I love systems, and I love teaching systems as well. Create your first system or your next system, or take what you currently have and add to it so that it becomes a complete training system.


These “How to become a motivational speaker” tips will help you skyrocket your success and give you a heads up on becoming a motivational speaker.

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I’ll see you there.

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