Speaker Testimonials and Leads and Sales Generating Success Stories

See why AmondaRose’s Clients love working with her!  “Your Speaking Success Strategist” absolutely delivers!

Resulted in 100’s of Thousands of Dollars in New Revenue! Speaking is now my #1 Marketing Strategy!


As a small business owner with a much bigger vision for what I want to achieve through my work, I knew that I needed to start speaking to get my message out into the world. I felt overwhelmed though at the thought of where to begin? what would I speak about? Did I need a new talk for each audience? How would I get speaking engagements?

I hired AmondaRose for a VIP Coaching Intensive Day which was a fabulous experience. By the end of that time together we had crafted my signature talk that could be used in multiple different ways, I had content that I loved and knew how to deliver plus I had all the steps that I needed to secure future speaking engagements. What’s more, we had a ton of fun together! AmondaRose is truly masterful at finding the right words and helping you to get your message across in an inspiring way.

Within a month I stood up in front of a room of 60 entrepreneurs, delivered my speech and had a line of people wanting to speak to me afterwards. I’m ready, confident and excited about the new opportunities that speaking is going to create in my business.

Since working with AmondaRose, it has resulted in 100’s of thousands of dollars in new revenue and speaking is my #1 Marketing Strategy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart AmondaRose – you are truly gifted in what you do and an absolute joy to work with.

Vanessa Shaw – International Business and Success Coach, Wealth Mentor and Inspirational Speaker

More High End, Committed and Perfect Fit Clients from Speaking Engagements

kumari necklace crop-smallAmondaRose is AWESOME!!! She is compassionate, focused, great energy, and positive. She gave me so many great tips not only about speaking, but all sorts of marketing ideas and strategizing…best of all she gave me advice that worked for my personal style and message.

One of my major issues was sharing my services at the end, as selling felt akin to “ego” to me. I am now able to share what I do and invite people to use my services from that day forward. I sold my first package at the end of the talk that day, and now it is so much easier to convert talks into action. I have gotten many more high end, committed and perfect fit clients from my speaking engagements too…and I was paid for speaking!

She has helped me see my own value, and put it into words in ways that resonate with me, that has made it so much easier to share (not sell) as I realize it is not about me, or ego…it is about the results. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Kumari Mullin – Internationally Acclaimed Intuitive Healer

 AmondaRose helped me Design and Deliver a Capital Campaign” Presentation that attracted OVER $750,000!

I never imagined in my life that my ability to present to an audience would improve so drastically in a short period of time. Through AmondaRose’s ability to write presentations and her coaching, I was able to create a presentation that could deeply connect with the audience on a heart level and inspire them to take action.

AmondaRose took a personal experience I had and taught me how to deliver that story in a way that my audience was hanging on their seats wanting to hear more. I can now stand in front of the most successful individuals and present with confidence, clarity and heart.  As a result of working with AmondaRose, my delivery is concise, powerful, heartfelt and inspiring.

Thanks to AmondaRose’s ability to help me design and deliver a Capital Campaign presentation, I attracted over $750,000! You have truly been the inspiration and coach to make it happen. It all started with your training which turned into a workshop….then a book!! I am forever grateful for all the gifts you have shared.

Shannon Burnett – Author of Media Magic and Free Press Expert

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AmondaRose Makes Everything Simple to Understand and Implement Immediately

EmileI want to thank you from the deepest part of my heart for a wonderful and outstanding Speaker Boot Camp you put on this weekend.

You are the Queen of over delivering. I now have all the tools to easily create any speech and even 1-2 day workshops. Wow! I never thought I was getting all of that information and more.

On my drive back from the event I called two friends who public speak and told them they need you. You make everything so simple to understand and immediately implement. Your the BEST!

Dr. Emile Allen M.D.

Doubled My Income in One Day!

Cindy Ruccolo - Head ShotAll I can say first of all is RUN, don’t walk , if you have an opportunity to hire AmondaRose. Do not hesitate. Just do it. It will be the best decision you ever made. She took me from being lost, stuck and fearful to being certain, prepared, organized, self assured, powerful and a bold energetic speaker with a plan.

AmondaRose helped me by giving me real tools to work with and set me up with direction. I am now running a very successful Fitness Business. She got me unstuck and now I am a completely different person than I was 2 years ago. She helped me dig deep and change the self imposed roadblocks that were keeping me stuck and doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. She helps totally clarify your WHY.

She taught me very valuable strategies to implement into my business that literally DOUBLED my income in one day. I am so elated. I love helping my grateful clients and I am finally getting compensated for what I am actually worth.

AmondaRose, I cannot thank you enough. Thank you for elevating my business to an entire higher level.

Cindy Ruccolo – Speaker and Certified Fitness Trainer

Increased Effectiveness and Sales

My presentations improved in so many ways – not only in increased effectiveness and sales, but also in keeping the focus of my presentations on the audience and doing them with “heart”.  

This is one of the great keys that AmondaRose teaches – how to connect with your audience on a “heart” level and to keep it fun and entertaining.

I look forward to having you by my side as my speaking career continues to thrive! 

Nancy Matthews – Co-Founder of WPN, Women’s Prosperity Network

6 More Speaking Events in Two Months

CJWhen I stepped up to my first, professional, speaking engagement after the Peak Performance Speaking Boot Camp it provided the impetus for me to set up six more events in the following two months. That would never have happened without stepping up to the plate after the Boot Camp.

AmondaRose provided me with the training and the inspiration I needed to invest in myself. Thanks to Amondarose I am on my way to being the successful speaker I wanted to be, rather than a wanna-be that just never got it together to finish what I started!

CJ Carl – eBook Publishing & Marketing Specialist

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Presenting to Corporations and Even Working with the Mayor

michelle j kramerThe biggest challenge for me prior to working with AmondaRose was I was Terrified to speak in front of people. I had a loud message to deliver to the World about Heart Rate Conditioning and I needed support in overcoming my fears of public speaking. I also didn’t know how to explain what I did. AmondaRose helped me.

I consciously speak from my heart when I share my story with people. I no longer speak from my head. AmondaRose taught me to show my vulnerability and have fun!

I now have an incredible business and a thriving Health Coaching Business, Find Your Organic Soul. We are presenting to several corporations and are working with the Mayor of our community. We have a client base in Florida, New York City, and Philadelphia.

I’m very grateful for you AmondaRose, you have changed my life and you are healing people on the planet through MY voice! You are my angel! Thank-you for believing in me!

Michelle Kramer – Health and Fitness Expert

Hosting My Own Workshops! Keynote Presentations!  Attracting Larger Venues to Present to!

Alicia Cramer C.Ht.Prior to working with AmondaRose, I lacked confidence about my ability to give a dynamic and effective presentation. While I was already on the cast of a TV show and frequently a guest on various radio shows, I really did not understand how to structure a formal presentation.

Thanks to AmondaRose, I learned how to construct a presentation that radically improved my confidence. There is also something to be said about learning from someone who clearly knows the ins and the outs of the industry.

Since hiring AmondaRose as my Public Speaking Coach, I have gone on to host my own workshops, provide group training and seminars, provide Keynote Presentations and attract larger venues to present to. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to work with someone who genuinely appreciates her clients. It has been a joy and a privilege to work with one of the best in the speaking industry.

Alicia Cramer – Business Coach and Mindset Expert

If You Want to Reach New Heights in Your Business by Speaking, AmondaRose is the Coach for YOU.

Gloria Rand headshot 2013

Thank you for helping me craft my signature presentation. This is going to make a huge difference in my business going forward.  You have a real talent for helping people connect the significant events in their life with the message they want to communicate to an audience and understand that a few concrete solutions can be even more effective for generating leads and sales.

I can’t thank AmondaRose enough for the impact she has had on my business. She has helped me crystallize what’s unique about my background so I can deliver a message that resonates with my target audience. She has helped me develop systems so that I can offer my own VIP day to clients, and help them build their businesses.

Since I’ve started working with AmondaRose, opportunities keep opening up for me, including the chance to share the spotlight with one of the leaders in the social media marketing industry. If you want to reach new heights in your business through speaking, AmondaRose is the coach for you.  

Gloria Rand – Internet Marketing Expert

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Training and Speaking My Passion All Around the Country…  Now that’s AmondaRose’s Speaking Results.

Kerri 2The Boot Camp with AmondaRose opened my eyes to so many possibilities and freed me to explore ideas I never imaged before that weekend. Best of all the strategies and tools that I now have full access to are not only cutting edge they allow me to have fun and truly connect to my audience. We are in a new a paradigm and in order to excel in the new world of business YOU MUST have outstanding communication skills. AmondaRose over delivers so you can!”

The next moment I found myself Training and Speaking my passion all around the country… Now that’s AmondaRose’s Speaking Results.

Kerri Myers – iPEC Coach

SUCCEED in the Arena of Professional Speaking

_MG_9940I have been a show host in the world of electronic retail for the past 20 years…both on HSN–Home Shopping Network in Tampa, Florida, United States and The Shopping Channel in Toronto, Canada.  I have  my own professional skin care line currently being sold in the United States and Europe.  I have been a successful business entrepreneur in the arena of venture capital, real estate, stocks and bonds.
Even though it appears I had accomplished much, I was not happy. I had always secretly believed I was meant to share and heal thorough telling my story– by empowering and letting people know that their circumstances need not be a hindrance to who or what they are meant to do or be.
Then I was introduced to AmondaRose.  She gave me the confidence to speak my truth and she gave me the tools to succeed in an arena of professional speaking.  This was something I had always wanted to do, however was afraid to try.   And now I am happier than ever. Thank you AmondaRose….I am living my life’s purpose.
Kellie Olver – Television Host, Speaker and Health & Beauty Expert

Instantaneous Tangible Results – You Can’t Beat That! 

Aimee and KarenThe first time I spoke with AmondaRose it was immediate that she not only listened and provided immediate value, but tailored her solutions to my needs. Very refreshing!

My partner, Karen Halseth, and I decided to work with AmondaRose and were beyond thrilled with the results! At the end of our VIP coaching session, we not only had a brand new key note speech, a strategy for making a powerful offer from the stage but also a reusable template that will serve us for years to come!

We put the new strategy for making an offer from the stage into immediate use and for the first time in many years, we had a long line of people waiting to enroll in our new training! Instantaneous tangible results – you can’t beat that!

Aimée Lyndon-Adams – Business Mentoring: Strategic Business Rejuvenation

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Huge Impact in My Delivery…
Reaction, Interaction and Retention!

I have been a public speaker for over 25 years, doing various presentations and training for all types of people in small and large groups.
 I can more quickly grab the audience’s attention, I’m better able to create audience participation and interaction, and I’m genuinely more in tune with my audience.  AmondaRose taught me tools and techniques that have made a huge impact in my delivery and in the audience’s reaction, interaction and retention.  
Trish Carr – Co-Founder of WPN, Women’s Prosperity Network

My 5 Part Online Training Course is DONE!

Pam Olsen

Wow! I cannot state enough how ecstatic I feel after a day’s work with AmondaRose Igoe! I knew I was writing a course to deliver to lawyers in an online format, but I had gotten a bit stuck in my own sense of overwhelm. While all the ideas were right there, the challenge of pulling them together seemed insurmountable until I met AmondaRose! In one day, she helped me to organize and write my 5 module course with 10 Processes for Soul of Law and define any remaining tasks to get this launched and on-line! I went from stuck to finished in ONE DAY!

AmondaRose is an amazing heart centered being who will naturally get you in your own ‘flow’ and helping to refine the content and message that is percolating within you! She helped me to see the course from the ‘student’ perspective and also see all the opportunities for my ideas and words within the course itself.

AmondaRose helped me create a final product I am so proud of and which could have continued to ‘sit on my own shelf’. I could not be more pleased about the process and final product! Thank You AmondaRose! My wheels are no longer spinning in the mud and instead are carrying me down to the launch pad!!!

 Pam Olsen, J.D., M.S. – Soul of Law

AmondaRose, You Are Nothing Short of a GENIUS!!!

Michelle Paez

Thank you AmondaRose Igoe you are nothing short of a GENIUS!!! Thank you for making the content process so much easier for me and my husband on our Prosperous Latino & Leveraged Prosperity event series. The program now flows and it is easy to follow so we never feel overwhelmed. We are so blessed to have found you and know that we can trust the process thanks to your experience and professionalism. Motivated now, more than ever, we are ready to share this with others as you have brought it to life making our thoughts come together cohesively, something that was proving to be very challenging for us in the past.

After meeting with you for only one day, we were able to take home a full one day event and know exactly how it will take place. It really meant so much to us to be able to work with such a professional in this new endeavor we are starting and know that we can trust your expertise. Can’t wait to start impacting people, we will be forever thankful and can’t wait to work with you again in the future. 

Michelle Paez – Prosperous Latino & Leveraged Prosperity

 My Speech Went from BLAH to Concise and Impactful

AmondaRose Igoe was an absolute dream to work with. I was completely lost writing my speech, it was flat and didn’t have any impact at all. My challenges also included an over-abundance of words.

Within minutes AmondaRose helped me create an opening with punch and was able pull the necessary content out of me that she weaved together like an amazing tapestry. In just a few hours my speech went from BLAH to a concise, impactful piece of art and has given me the audacious confidence to stand on stage and deliver a product that will have them running to the back of the room! I love you AmondaRose and will work with you again and again! 

Alicia Couri – Red Carpet CEO

Created a Magical Compelling Message

emily miller testimonial picAmondaRose helped me craft a powerful signature heart story and teaching presentation for an upcoming online training program for women. I was thrilled with the way she pulled my content together and created a magical compelling message.

I’m excited to share my message with the world and it’s given me the boost of confidence I needed to step into my greatness.  Thank you, I can’t wait to deliver it and see the results.

Emily Miller – Online Media Goddess

AmondaRose is the Real Deal!!!

Shondelle Salmon

Just had THE most productive and absolutely amazing coaching session with AmondaRose Igoe. In a few short hours we created my entire signature speech including the power point slides. I thought it was impossible for me to include my adversity story in my presentation because it did not relate to my topic, but AmondaRose so brilliantly found a way to make it work, and its SO good!

If you are struggling with your presentation, or even if you’re not, but want to make it better I HIGHLY recommend you invest the time and resources to work with her. She is the REAL DEAL!!! Thank you SO much!

Shondelle Solomon Miles – Owner of Crossfit954

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AmondaRose helped me put into one sentence the words I had been struggling to find for 10 years! 

AmondaRose has incredible command of her material and her technique, and an inexhaustible supply of energy. She put her all into the boot camp. She was amazing! After helping me choose a topic and begin to put together a presentation, AmondaRose helped me put into one sentence the words I had been struggling to find for 10 years! I feel like I have a whole new direction and meaning in my life now. And I know my journey has Lots of people can teach, but only the truly gifted can inspire. AmondaRose is an inspiration to us all, and I can only hope to follow in her footsteps one day.

Alene Keenan – International Institute of Service Arts

Created My Personalized Speaking Plan… including my Signature Talk and Speaker Marketing.  It’s Done!

I just had a fun, empowering and inspiring VIP Consulting Intensive with AmondaRose.  We created my Personalized Speaking Plan where we designed my Signature Talk and Speaker Marketing.

Her VIP Consulting Intensive Program was exactly what I was needing to skyrocket me and my business to the next level.  I know I have a powerful message.

I just didn’t how to craft into the perfect talk that will enable me to start speaking more. Thanks to AmondaRose, it’s Done!  Thank You from my Heart and Soul.

Stacy Davenport, The Energy Catalyst

Increase Your Speaking
Engagements to Bigger Audiences!

catherine_pagliaro-2AmondaRose, Speaking Success Strategist, is an amazing inspirational speaker and coach. She has designed a simple and easy step by step process to help you step into your empowerment so that you can share your message with others.

I just experienced her supercharged VIP consulting session to craft my message and it was an awesome experience. If you have been interested in public speaking but were unsure what to do to make it happen, or you want to increase your speaking engagements to a bigger audience then you want to experience AmondaRose’s no fail system.

I am so grateful I have AmondaRose as my Speaking Coach. Thank you AmondaRose!

Catherine Pagliaro, International Speaker and Surefire Business Strategist

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