Overcoming Your Public Speaking Fear

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They say that public speaking is the #1 fear people have, even topping the fear of death! What you need to remember is that your audience needs you. You are important to your audience because you can change their lives. Don't think of your presentations as you being a speaking rock star for praise and

How to Manifest Public Speaking Results

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There has been lots of information out there about manifestation including how to manifest money, relationships, and careers. Maybe you have watched the movie “The Secret”? If you did, you probably know it was a huge hit! All over the world, people were learning how to manifest what they wanted. If manifestation is new to

How to become a Great Speaker

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Ever meet someone, that appears to be very comfortable and skilled talking to people? They seem to be a natural communicator in any situation, including presenting to small and large groups. Do you wish that was you? Do you want to be the person that confidently and easily speaks in all scenarios, whether you are

How to Make Money as a Speaker – Interview with Dr. Joe White

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Struggling to make money as a speaker? Not sure what to do to monetize your presentation opportunities? Watch this amazing interview with AmondaRose Igoe and Dr. Joe White. Dr. Joe White is a dynamic public speaker whose speeches inspire, educate and motivate his audiences. He shares power-packed business and peak performance strategies that he learned

Create Sales Magic with Victoria Buckmann and AmondaRose

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My special video interview guest, Victoria Buckmann, has over 30 years of sales success and loves to create ‘Sales Magic’.  She created a successful corporate career with a Fortune 100 company achieving 1000% of quota month after month, year after year!  Victoria is a certified Dream Coach, Higher Guidance Business Coach, Former Premier Success coach

Speaking with Confidence, Authority and Authenticity

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Watch this special Interview with Ella Glasgow and AmondaRose Igoe so you can "Speak with Confidence, Authority and Authenticity" now. Ella Glasgow is a singer turned speaker coach known as The Authority Creator. She helps passionate women in business step out of the shadows and into the spotlight in 89 days so they can be

Get Booked Speaker Tip

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Imagine you are want to book a bunch of presentations and/or live events, however you keep getting turned down because the host(s) have an "outdated" competition mindset. When attempting to book speaking opportunities such as virtual summits and/or live presentation, do you get resistance from the host and hit the competition wall? Look for people