Do you want to start to speak to groups? Do you want to do keynotes or presentations to promote your product or service or to create new leads and sales? Do you want to get paid speaking gig? This is a wonderful opportunity to learn an essential speaker principle, which is called the speaker one sheet.

Many new speakers will put speaker on their business card. They might put speaker on their website. However, they don’t have anything to back it up that says they’re a credible speaker.

You need to have a speaker one sheet if you are wanting to take your speaking career and/or dreams serious.


5 Must-Have Elements Every Speaker One Sheet Should Have

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The Speaker One Sheet has your essential information on it.


#1 Contact & Branding

Your speaking one sheet will have your contact information, such as your name, company name, phone number, website, and email address. You want to have a professional email address. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, or any other email not hosted under your business and website domain aren’t appropriate. The contact information can be placed on the upper or lower right of the sheet.

Your branding message includes a clear and concise statement about what you do, how you serve people, and what makes you unique. It should be 1 – 3 sentences. The branding message should be near the professional headshot image or company logo.


#2 Professional Headshot

It will also have a wonderful professional headshot. You want to make sure that you have an image that represents you and looks professionally done. You don’t want an image that was taken with your cell phone. It just doesn’t work because it doesn’t look professional! Your headshot image is super important on your speaker one sheet, and you might consider including some photos of you actually presenting live as well. The headshot should be the right size that your facial expressions are easy to recognize.


#3 Talk Topic

You also want to have either the name of a talk, also known as a “signature presentation”, that you’re delivering or offering, or you might even have several names of different presentations that you are able to do. For some, you might have three different “signature presentation” options.

#4 Speaker Bio

On your speaker one sheet, you also want to include your speaker bio. Remember, a short bio is essential to highlight your expertise, and it is short because your speaker one sheet is a one-page document. It’s not a book.


#5 Speaker Credibility

If you have presented to well-known groups, you want to make sure that if you collect the logo images of organizations, you have presented to. Maybe you spoke at a Rotary Club. Maybe you spoke at Xerox. You want to put those logo images on your speaker one sheet. Keep your images to the highest and best, which means that you use the images that provide the most credibility. Those will make the best media images. Show a minimum of three logos, depending on how they are placed and the structure of the speaker one sheet.


These are great speaker tips to help you with your speaker one sheet.

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