If you have ever given a sales related presentation, you know how important your closing is. It can absolutely determine whether you close a sale or not. It is super easy to make “unknown” and “hidden” costly mistakes that will surely impact your ability to create new clients and consistent cash flow.

Imagine that you are giving a presentation right now. As you move into your closing offer, you feel like your presentation is going great. You can see by their reactions that they are loving you. It looks like they are clearly seeing a need for your product, program or service.

Than suddenly, you notice something changes in the room, as soon as you get to your offer. They are no longer giving you their undivided attention. You see them start crossing their arms. Maybe they picked up their cell phone and started replying to messages. You are realizing you have just lost them and the ship is sinking quickly.

You are feeling shocked! Everything was going great. You ask yourself “What the heck just happened?”

So what do you do now?

My question for you is “Did the audience suddenly shift or did you do something differently?” Possibly both, however most likely it started with some unknown and subtle changes that you made when you got to the closing. Those changes suddenly shifted the whole picture from “potential sale” to probably “no sale”.

From live presentations to one to one conversations, there are 4 Costly Sales Presentation Mistakes that you maybe making that will impact your sales conversions in a big way. They will happen to you so quickly and unexpectedly, they will leave you wondering what you did wrong!

It all begins with the changes that occurred as soon as you moved into the closing. Let’s break the changes down step by step into costly mistakes.

Costly Sales Presentation Mistake # 1 – Body Language Shifts

As soon as you begin your closing, you abruptly shift your body language so much so it is noticeable to your audience or prospective client. They can feel something has changed because just before the offer you appeared so comfortable and seemed at ease. As soon as you got to the offer, you might unknowingly be exhibiting nervous behaviors such as shifting papers, twirling hair, playing with your change, clicking a pen, swaying back and forth. You might be saying “That wouldn’t happen to me.” The reality is it happens all the time. This is the stuff that happens that we aren’t even aware of it, until it is too late.

Costly Sales Presentation Mistake # 2 – Eyes Go Here

Closing part of the presentation isn’t easy so we often have to think before we speak and we might event get caught off guard by a question. When that happens, we tend to look up, down or to the side. From the audiences perspective that makes you seem like you are insecure and a bit lost. Keeping your head up straight and your eyes towards your prospective client or audience is ideal. Always remember to put the focus on staying connected to your audience or prospective clients and how you are going to help them.

Costly Sales Presentation Mistake # 3 – The Accelerated Pace

When you get excited about making your offer, do you start to speak really fast? If you speak too quickly people won’t get what you are saying. It will go right over their head and they often will miss the whole point. For the most part, you want to have a nice even pace and then throw in some fast pacing to kick up a notch. Make it even better by slowing it down at certain points when you want them to think about something!

Costly Sales Presentation Mistake # 4 – Winging It

When it comes to the closing most people say things like “I got this. I can do it on the fly.” or “I’ll think about it later.” What do you think happens as a result? The closing tanks big time. Since the closing is the most difficult part of any type of sales related presentation, you want to give it the attention it deserves. If you don’t, you are basically planning to fail. Here is the rule of thumb when it comes to creating a successful closing, you need to write it out and practice it repeatedly so it is natural and feels really comfortable. This is a great opportunity to time it so that your timing will work out when you are actually presenting.

I found this great article by Entrepreneur called Making Sales Presentations. I thought you might want to read this too. You can check it out at: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/225778

If the thought of a presentation closing challenges you in a big way or you just aren’t sure exactly what to do, make sure you reply in the comment section below. This is a great opportunity to get the help you need now.

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