How to become a Great Speaker

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Ever meet someone, that appears to be very comfortable and skilled talking to people? They seem to be a natural communicator in any situation, including presenting to small and large groups.

Do you wish that was you? Do you want to be the person that confidently and easily speaks in all scenarios, whether you are speaking one to one or in a group?

It is absolutely possible because the ability is within us all when we take the right steps.

Dale Carnegie said it best “Great speakers are not born, they’re trained.” To learn more about Dale Carnegie visit

Do you need training to become a Great Speaker?

No one becomes an expert in anything without some training. Great Olympians train every day, for hours at a time. Artists paint over and over for sometimes years without getting it right. It is very rare when someone is born with a gift and doesn’t need any training in that area.

As a speaker who coaches and trains speakers, I wasn’t a skilled communicator and speaker right from the start. I wasn’t an overnight success story! I had two audiences laugh at me! Yes! Two! If you want to read my story of speaking transformation, you can read it now at

So that you know I am just like many, I also had horrific public speaking challenges including ineffective communication crutches like the ahs and ums and nervous laughter. If you want to learn how I overcame the ahs and ums, watch this oldy but goody Youtube Video. I created this when I first started my speaking coaching and training business. I will tell you exactly what I did to overcome the ahs and ums challenge in this video.

How to overcome the ahs and ums #1 Verbal Blunder

And if you want to see some of my other free public speaking training tips and videos, check out my YouTube channel:

I had gifts and talents when it came to speaking. However, I had to eliminate many weaknesses and increase my speaking skills significantly before people would see me as someone they wanted to listen to and learn from.

Why Speaker Training is necessary to become a Great Speaker

If you can’t communicate your ideas in a way that people can hear your ideas, people won’t get the help they need. If your audience can’t personally experience the value of what you are talking about and your knowledge is worthless.

Learning how to effectively communicate in a way that people can fully understand you and your message is key. It’s about getting people interested in what you have to say, enough to take you seriously. It is possible if you commit to speaker training and eliminate the belief that you can do it on your own.

This is where training comes in; you have to learn the tools needed to be an effective public speaker. You have to be willing to step outside your comfort zone and to embrace new ideas. To be open to stretching yourself beyond what you thought you could do and your public speaking limits.

Remember, your goal is always to ensure your audiences takes away value from your presentation and you communicate your ideas in a way that resonates with them. If you can do that as a speaker, then you did your job. If they come to you at the end of the presentation and say to you “I was hanging on your every word!”, then you really did a great job!

How to become a Great Speaker Resources

This blog article series for public speakers was created for you because you are committed to learning to be the best public speaker you can be. The information in this blog article series is just the beginning of being a highly effective trained speaker.

Click on the links below, because I have put together these additional step by step speaker tools and presentation tips to help you succeed. I am passionate about helping you become the best public speaker you can be so keep reading!

How to Manifest Public Speaking Results

Overcoming Your Public Speaking Fear

Overcoming Your Public Speaking Fear

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