Magnetize Your Audience,
Monetize Your Message,
Make An Impact

Are you a Coach, Consultant or Service Based Business Owner who wants to avoid costly and common speaking mistakes, including…

* Unclear Messaging that Undermines Your Speaking Success

* Lacks Compelling Presentation Content that Leaves Your Audience Wanting MORE

* Lackluster Speaking Offers that Don’t Create a Rush of Ideal Clients Every Time You Speak

If you said “YES!” to one or more you are in the Right Place!

vanessa shaw

“Resulted in 100’s of Thousands of Dollars in New Revenue! Speaking is now my #1 Marketing Strategy!

AmondaRose, you are truly gifted in what you do and an absolute joy to work with.”

Vanessa Shaw International Business Coach

Meredith Marin

“Launched New Program and Made $39,000!

AmondaRose is a Brilliant Coach! I have attracted new clients and opportunities. I’m taking my business to the next level.”

Meredith Marin Entrepreneur & CEO of Vegan Hospitality

Jerusha Stewart

“On Track to Build a Six-Figure Business!

I put AmondaRose’s system into practice and immediately attained 4-figure VIP clients, and set to achieve $25,000 from my first live event.”

Jerusha Stewart Best-Selling Author and Award-Winning Entrepreneur


“More High End, Committed and Perfect Fit Clients from Speaking Engagements

I sold my first package at the end of the talk and now it is so much easier to convert talks into action.”

Kumari Mullin Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive Healer

Pam Olsen

“Wow! I cannot state enough how ecstatic I feel after a day’s work with AmondaRose Igoe!

My 5 Part Online Training Course is DONE after a VIP Coaching Intensive with AmondaRose”

Pam Olsen, J.D., M.S. Creator of Soul of Law

Work with an Award-Winning Internationally Recognized Speaker Coach and Best-Selling Author

Get Ready to:

  • Create more profits and consistent income every time you speak
  • Increase your speaking confidence and be seen as the “Go To Expert” in your field
  • Attract higher paying clients and opportunities from your presentations
  • Follow a proven speaker training system to keep you on the right track

Get expert speaking help and book a 15-minute complimentary Speaker Brainstorm Session

Your Audience

  • Do you want to stand out as a speaker?
  • Do you want to deliver your presentation with more clarity and confidence?
  • Do you want to deliver an outstanding presentation… and make more money too?
  • Do you want to avoid costly presentation mistakes?

Your Message

  • Do you want step-by-step coaching for easily getting interviewed for podcasts, and booked for webinars and live speaking engagements?
  • Do you want done-for-you speaker templates, scripts and forms?
  • Do you want learn how to maximize your profits as a speaker?

An Impact

  • Do you want to know the quickest ways to have a positive impact on more people?
  • Do you want to know how to position, package, and price your programs so more people say yes?
  • Do you want to advance your business… and accelerate your influence and income?

Make your event, conference, or program UNFORGETTABLE!

Book AmondaRose to speak for your next conference, event or organization meeting because AmondaRose always over-delivers with real life examples and content rich step-by-step speaking strategies.

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