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Now is the perfect time to apply for a 30 minute complimentary “6-Figure Speaker” Strategy Session and see if you qualify.  

If you are selected, we’ll cover three essential things:

• You’ll discover what’s standing in your way of achieving your biggest speaking goals.

• You’ll create a Personalized Speaking Plan to move you forward immediately.

• You’ll identify the NUMBER ONE thing you need to do right away to get YOU into action. (This last could change your financial future forever!)

This sounds like a lot to cover in 30 minutes, but I’ve been doing this work for years, so I pretty much have it down.  

If you are ready to amplify your speaking results complete Step 1:

Please answer the following questions about your business and your speaking experience. If you are selected based on your responses, I will use this form during the call to get right to the heart of your speaking and business needs.

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Once we review your application, my assistant will contact you by phone and/or email and let you know if you qualify based on your responses. We do get many applicants and can’t pick everyone so please be sure to let us know why this is important to you and your future success.  I will review the information as soon as I can and from there we’ll figure out what the next best steps are for you.

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>> CLICK HERE to complete the 30 Minute Complimentary 6-Figure Speaker Strategy Session application 

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