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Learn how to get booked for your next speaking gig, keynote, or motivational talk as a public speaker or presenter with ease.



# 1 Competition Challenges

Imagine you are wanting to book a bunch of presentations and/or live events; however, you keep getting turned down because the host(s) have an “outdated” competition mindset, and feels that you will take business away from them. 

Let me ask you this.

When attempting to book speaking opportunities such as virtual summits and/or live presentation, do you get resistance from the host and hit the competition wall?  If you said, “Yes” you are not alone!  This does happen and you need to know how to handle it. 

If you do want to get booked as a speaker and/or want to avoid this, here is what has worked for my clients and me 🙂

Look for people who have online summits and events focusing on your ideal clients.  However, the host doesn’t coach/consult with them in the same way you do.

For example, a mindset coach who focuses on health and wellbeing is a great fit for a personal trainer to help their clients improve their physical results.

Another example that has worked for me is this – Since I am a Speaker Trainer, I have partnered with book publishing and author training programs because their authors need to speak and my clients would often like to be published authors. And these collaborative situations have been amazing for my clients and theirs <3

To see this collaborative relationship in action, watch my video interview with Powerful You Publishing here.

Apply my tips above and you will find it easy to have the prospective event host or group organizer see you as Collaboration Partner instead of Competition.


# 2 Remembering Your Presentation

Are you wondering if you are going to be scripting your entire presentation and have to remember the entire talk word-for-word?

The answer is “NO.”

Even though you are going to create your entire presentation, one of your goals is to ensure the best you shines through. And that doesn’t include memorizing word for word.

You are going to want to structure your presentation, practice it enough times that you know it and have worked out all the challenges and potential kinks.

Don’t Memorize Every Single Word

The challenges that a lot of people have is that they want to read their presentation or they feel like they have to memorize every single word!  Now, the challenge with that is, if you read your presentation you’re going to lose 80% of your audience.  Yes, 80%!  That’s significant, isn’t it?

Now, say you try to memorize a forty-five minute presentation.  Are you going to be able to do that?  And if you did, what happens if you forget something?  You’re going to get lost in thought and go “oh my gosh, I forgot what I was supposed to say!”

Create a Presentation Structure

Instead, create short bullet points to keep you on track and ensure that you follow what you wanted to share.  This way, if you forget something, (which happens to all of us), the bullet points will bring you right back to exactly what I need to say.

You will be able to look like a pro and most importantly speak from your heart and not sound robotic.

And when you have a great presentation, you will be able to use the same content over and over again for other live presentations, interviews and webinars!


# 3 Selling from the Stage

If you want to create serious income from speaking, you need to know how to sell from the stage.

Many believe you have to have an online program to sell from the stage.  However, you can start by selling anything when speaking — even one-on-one coaching packages or you could offer an opportunity to “apply” for a complimentary session

Consider what your audience needs next after your presentation.  Make an offer from the stage that is in their best interest.

Don’t Leave Your Audience Seeking More

You never want to leave your audience eager for more and not give them the opportunity to hire you or purchase your programs. 

Build Your List and Following

Even if you don’t have anything to sell from the stage, every speaker (whether you want to promote your client services or you have a product or a program to offer) needs to have a free giveaway.  Now, it could be a free report. It could be a free video recording.  It could be a free checklist.  And even a free step-by-step plan.  It needs to be something your audience can get access to through your website or at the end of your presentation.

The reason that you need to have the free gift option is you are building a relationship with your audience.  The more they get to know you, the more they get to see the value in what you have to offer, the more they will want to work with you at the end of your presentation or shortly afterwards.

Create a Relationship and Following with Your Audience

That’s why that free gift is so important.  It doesn’t need to be super long either.   You just want to make sure it offers value to those that access it. That is super important.  You want to make sure that it solves a problem that your audience wants solved.

For example, people will come to me because they have been presenting to groups and they’re not getting the results they want.

I offer a free report on my website called 8 High Performance Speaking Tips that Can Help You Double or Even Triple Your Results!”  which will help them  double and triple their results.  So, my report helps them improve their speaking results and their revenue.  It’s a problem they’re having.

Free Report Examples

Maybe you’re in the weight loss industry and you want to create a free report.  Your free report can be about how to overcome nighttime eating or nighttime snacking that’s adding on 20 pounds a year.  That’s a problem that some people have, and it’s something that people certainly want to solve!

Think about the problem that you going to help your audience solve, and create that free giveaway based on that specific problem, or a series of problems that are very common in your industry with your clients and audiences.


# 4 Public Speaking Confidence

Is it possible to increase my confidence while speaking in front of a room?

Yes! I am speaking from experience.   The ability to speak and communicate in clear, confident and compelling ways is based on a series of concrete skills that any professional can master — as long as you have the right help and you keep getting out there.  The more you do it, the easier and more confident your presentations will become.

If you would like practical steps to overcome our public speaking fear, click here now.


# 5 Getting Started as a Speaker

First, you need a sincere desire to share your message with more people.

Next, you need an open mind to help you significantly improve your presentations and your financial future. If you want to create serious income from speaking, you need to know how to sell from the stage.

Third, block-out time in your calendar to focus on your speaking because it requires dedication and commitment, especially if you need to upgrade your presentation delivery skills.


# 6 How to Become a Motivational Speaker or Professional Speaker in Five Easy Steps



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# 7 Build Speaker Social Proof

Every time you present, collect testimonials from people who attended your presentation and the event hosts.  Post these on social media to gain social proof that puts you into the speaking spotlight.

If you have recording permission from the event host, video your live presentation, and put it on social media platforms to get additional credibility and exposure.


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