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Imagine you are want to book a bunch of presentations and/or live events, however you keep getting turned down because the host(s) have an “outdated” competition mindset.

Let me ask you this.

When attempting to book speaking opportunities such as virtual summits and/or live presentation, do you get resistance from the host and hit the competition wall?

If you do want to get booked as a speaker and/or want to avoid this, here is what has worked for me and my clients 🙂

Look for people who have summits and events focusing on your ideal clients, however they don’t coach/consult with them in the say way you do.

For example, a mindset coach who focuses on health and wellbeing is a great fit for personal trainer to help their clients improve their physical results.

Another example that has worked for me is this – Since I am a Speaker Trainer, I have partnered with Author Trainers because their authors need to speak and my clients would often like to be published authors. And these collaborative situations have been amazing for my clients and theirs <3

This way it is easy to have the prospective event host or group organizer see you as Collaboration Partner instead of Competition.

Reply below if you agree, disagree or have found something else that has worked for you to get more speaking opportunities 🙂

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