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Discover the Power of AmondaRose’s PRIVATE Coaching Program to Successfully Grow Your Business, Serve More Clients and Skyrocket Your Income

Why Speaker Success Accelerator PRIVATE Program?

With AmondaRose’s practically Done-For-You speaking success strategies, intuitive insights and business growth templates, you will create massive momentum in your speaking and in your business.  You will accelerate your results, including your ability to make a huge impact and monetize your powerful message. You will learn step-by-step techniques and receive private coaching sessions filled with the strategy, inspiration, training, brainstorming, and accountability you want and need to skyrocket your business.

The Speaker Success Accelerator PRIVATE program was designed specifically for those that have a big vision, a strong desire for more visibility and are open to being financially victorious.  However, they aren’t sure of the exact path they need to take. You are reading this because you are open to getting the help you need.  Playing small isn’t what you are about. You know you are meant to leverage your time, talents and expertise… while increasing your global impact, influence and income.

The Speaker Success Accelerator Private program delivers the highest level of individualized training, accountability, coaching, and support so you can make powerful decisions, take passionate action towards achieving your goals and achieve your ideal vision of success.

If you are selected for the Speaker Success Accelerator PRIVATE program, you will be asked to show up bigger, bolder and braver, because it is essential to achieving what you want.


The Speaker Success Accelerator

PRIVATE Program Privileges include:


Eight Virtual 45-Min Private Coaching Session

The eight private 45-min coaching sesseions will give you in-depth and advanced training and coaching, and structured implementation time.  Everything is customized to you, and your speaking and business goals.

Each 45-minute private coaching and q&a session will keep you moving forward in the most effective ways.  During your Virtual Coaching sessions with AmondaRose is where you will address a specific theme based on your ideal business needs and desires, so the energy, intention and information is smoking HOT!  The coaching sessions will be customized to meet your specific needs and business growth strategies. Topics may include:


  • Deliver an irresistible signature talk that is clear, compelling and converts – meaning your ideal clients will easily and quickly want to hire you now!
  • Masterfully book speaking engagements and easily find, contact, and get booked to speak
  • How to create high-value and high-impact webinars that captivate your audience and boost your business.
  • Authentic and magnetic messaging that speaks to your ideal prospective clients and the problems they most want solved
  • Create a captivating stage presence so you can avoid costly delivery mistakes that literally stop your results in their tracks
  • Learn on-camera tips so you sound confident, charismatic and compelling — and be seen as a Video PRO
  • Discover the secrets of 6-figure live events, including how to design, deliver and market your first or next lucrative live event
  • Amplify your income and easily create lucrative VIP days and high-end programs
  • Sales strategies to easily and authentically move your prospects into paying clients and handle objections with ease
  • Define your vision with the customizable speaker and business growth roadmap designed to create successful, consistent and profitable results — and have more time for the things you love to do
  • Proven manifestation and mindset principles to quickly turn your speaking and business dreams into reality
  • Strategies to create successful, consistent and profitable results to ensure you reach more people!
  • Plus… practically done for you step-by-step systems scripts, forms, checklists, examples, and templates that you can use over and over again

One Full Day VIP Private Coaching Intensive

One very special and extremely productive full day VIP Coaching Intensive focused on your speaking  goals, desires and needs.

During Your VIP Coaching Intensive you will:

1) Design Your Talk, Confidently Deliver Your Content and Authentically Close More Sales – without sounding aggressive or pushy.  Create your talk and learn a proven step-by-step presentation system which can be customized for presentations, masterclasses, podcast interviews, videos, retreats, events, and courses, and will ensure you maximize and monetize all types of speaking opportunities

2) Learn how to Masterfully Book Speak Engagements including how to find, contact and booking speaking engagements.  You will know exactly what to do to easily get speaking gigs from live stages to podcasts with an A-Z training

Sixty-Minutes of Video, Content and Marketing Review

Go to the front of the line anytime you have would like feedback on your presentation, have marketing questions or need content writing guidance.  AmondaRose will review and comment on your presentation videos, marketing ideas, website copy, proposals, and flyers so that you get the expert feedback that you need.

Four “SOS” 15 Minute Coaching Sessions

(Scheduled When YOU Need Them Most!)

Receive four “SOS” 15 Minute Coaching Sessions laser-focused coaching sessions when you need them!  If you are at a speaking event and need a pep talk, you can call AmondaRose. If you experience a breakdown and need a quick breakthrough conversation, you can utilize your four 15 Minute “SOS” 15 Minute Coaching Sessionsanytime during your  program.  Plus, as a high-level Private Coaching, you will receive preferential access to AmondaRose.

Highly Desired Speaker Roadmap

This will get you moving forward in the most effective ways.   The specialroadmap will provide the steps and ideal strategies for your speaker growth.  You will know what to do next and when to do it.

Weekly Laser Focused Online Accountability Check-Ins

Your weekly laser focused includes extra feedback opportunities and check-ins with AmondaRose and your group to keep you on track. You will have the support, brainstorming, and accountability you need so that you will keep your energy, focus, and momentum moving in the right direction.

Two Thirty-Minute Private Mindset Coaching Sessions with a Mindset Expert

Receive three thirty-minute mindset coaching sessions with an expert mindset coach.  Remove blocks that limit your success, gain clarity on what steps to take and create the ideal path to achieve your ultimate goals and desires.

Speaker Personality Review

Learn how to effectively sharing your message and expertise, so you truly connect with your entire audience and ultimately grow your business.   Maximize your speaker personality and avoid costly mistakes, including virtual and in-person stages.

Access to The Vault Speaker Training Library

Thanks to The Vault you will get exclusive access to AmondaRose’s complete online training program, includes step-by-step templates, forms, and scripts.

BONUS: VIP Ticket to AmondaRose's Next Group Paid Event or Training

Receive high-level group training as a bonus!  Options may include and are not limited to Irreistible Speaker 7-Week Group Program and Speaker Impact and Income Immersion 2-day event. 

The Speaker Success Accelerator program includes AmondaRose’s highly desired speaker training systems, step-by-step templates, checklists, forms, accelerated training, plus coaching, accountability and support to help you stay focused and taking action! Your real success starts when you invest in your future now!

Meet Your Speaker Success Accelerator Coach

AmondaRose Igoe is the “Speaking Success Strategist,” Award-Winning Speaker Expert and Best-Selling Author. She has taught thousands of business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders her step-by-step proven speaker training and presentation coaching systems. Due to her effective training methods, these speakers are able to masterfully book speaking engagements, magnetize their audience, monetize their message, and make an impact.

She has been featured on CBS, NBC, FOX and Chicken Soup for the Soul.  AmondaRose is the author of “Pain-Free Public Speaking” and “Share Your Story.” She has over twenty years of experience as a master trainer, speaker and coach. 

AmondaRose is the host of the global Unstoppable Speakers Success Summit, where she interviewed internationally renowned experts, such as Jack Canfield, Debbie Allen and Blair Singer. 

The power of what AmondaRose teaches has helped her clients from over 20 countries overcome their biggest speaking challenges and skyrocket their presentation results. 

Get expert speaking help and apply now for a 15-minute complimentary Speaker Brainstorm.

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