How to Become a Motivational Speaker

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Do you want to know how to become a motivational speaker? Do you want me to change more lives? Make a positive difference in the lives of more people? You are in the right place today! And if you want to monetize your presentations as a motivational speaker, this is the place you need to

How to Give a Good Presentation

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Are you wondering how to give a good presentation? Well, today's principals are going to help you do exactly that. I'm super excited to share with you my “How to give a good presentation” percentage principle that will help you when you are writing a talk and wanting to deliver a good presentation.   Watch

What is an Elevator Speech?

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What is an Elevator Speech? And how can it help you maximize your networking opportunities? Let me share with you one of my favorite communication principles. An elevator speech is also known as an Elevator Pitch and a Networking Introduction.   Watch the video below to find answers to your question "What is an elevator