9 Ways to Make Money as a Speaker

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Many people think speaking is just in front of a live audience.  I used to think that too!  There are 9 ways to make money as a speaker.  The reality is SPEAKING is way bigger and more powerful than it was in the past. The opportunities and formats are so expansive that you will want to tap into all of them.  Anytime you open your mouth to communicate your business message… you are SPEAKING.  The more people you reach through speaking, the more lives you
will change and the more income you will create.  

Are you wondering how you can make money as a speaker?

Here is a list of 9 ways you could be SPEAKING and increasing your income generating opportunities, while serving and helping more people. 

1.  Paid Speaking for Groups and Conferences
2.  Complimentary Presentations where you get to offer your
product, program or service
3.  Video Formats including YouTube, Blab and Google Hangout
4.  Media Interviews including Television and Radio
5.  On-line Home Study Training Programs
6.  Networking Meetings  because your Elevator Pitch is a Mini
7.  Speaking with Prospective Clients about your services and
8.  Hosting Your Own Live Events and Workshops
9.  Promotional Webinars

I think we are clear that speaking opportunities are UNLIMITED.  
When I started doing all of those things, my business went GLOBAL super fast!  More people were contacting me about my services and how they could work with me.  

I want that for you too!  You simply need to be open, willing and
ready with the right information to attract and create these types of results
 – and so much MORE!

It is essential to your success that you be fully ready to maximize all speaking opportunities – from the words that you say, to how you powerfully deliver the information, to how compelling your offer is – it all matters! 


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