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Would you like to know how to create online courses using tools and tips that help you effectively sell and deliver your programs online?

I believe each of us are on this earth to do something special. Maybe yours is to make a difference in your own unique way. Maybe you want to have a national or global impact.  Or possibly you want to reach more people and create more prosperity by developing online training courses. If that is you, I can totally relate!

I HAD A BIG SHIFT!  After the success of my recent online program launch:

I realized something huge was awakening inside of me! The launch of Pain-Free Public Speaking v2.0 was a catalyst in discovering that my soul was calling to reach more people by creating the best online speaker training courses. And I feel incredibly happy and joyful about building more courses online that allow me the opportunity to reach more people and create the time, freedom and financial opportunities I desire. 

It got me thinking, I know I am not alone!

If you are feeling like you would like to reach more people online, I wanted to share some my favorite tools and resources for helping you create and deliver your first or next online training program.

The really cool thing about the list below is that of many of them are super budget friendly, incredibly easy to use and work phenomenally well.  And they will all help you develop and deliver your e course programs, as well as sell online courses.

Here’s a list of my favorite online training program resources and then you can decide which ones you like the best.

# 1 – Let’s begin with Marketing Your Online Training Programs… and what you need to know first! 

My go to source for creating landing pages aka “promotional sales pages” that sell your online training programs is 

If you are unfamiliar with landing pages, below you will find a screenshot of part of my Speaking Success Blueprint sales pages. Now you can see what a Leadpage might look like.  And if you click on the image you can see the entire page.



My business investment in Leadpages has returned me back to me time and time again. Many people think you can create a little bit of marketing text on their website or use a site like Eventbrite that people will register for your online training programs including e course, webinars and tele-summits.

The reality is most won’t register because it isn’t going to keep their attention. That is why you need to use something like Leadpages.  You need to have a fabulous registration page that provides visuals that draw the eye to certain sections, easy places for people to register, and most of all it needs to be mobile friendly.  

Leadpages will give you the tools to do all of that and more! They provide incredible templates that you can download for free, if you don’t have a paid account.  You can purchase a basic membership like I have. I use it for registrations as well as lead generating opt-ins, which is where you someone provides you their email in exchange for a free gift.

And now with Lead Pages drag-and-drop options they have exceeded my expectations.  I love this new update! Click here to learn more about Lead Pages.


# 2 -My Latest Favorite Tool for Delivering Your Online Training Programs including webinars, live coaching and group programs

If you are currently providing or plan to provide online programs of any type, you need to know about Zoom. I learned about Zoom about a year ago and in my opinion it has blown Webinar Jam, Go To Meeting, Go To Webinar, Instant Teleseminar and free programs like Free Conference out of the water because of its ease of use, price point and reliability.

With Zoom anyone can set up a free account that includes 40 minutes of recording at no charge and you can have up to 50 participants!

However, if you are taking the online training format seriously you want to upgrade to at least the next level. You be able to record your meetings to the cloud and have an unlimited amount of recording time.

One of the things that I loved most about Zoom is that my participants can see my PowerPoint slides through a screen share and they also can see me at the same time.  With most programs you can’t do both simultaneously. See my recorded screen shot to see what I am talking about. 



Zoom is a really phenomenal and amazing program!  It made me re-evaluate and change how I felt about creating and delivering online training. Zoom made it easy becauses it’s work so well and is so user-friendly.  Click here to learn more about Zoom. 


# 3 – Create the Professional Quality Audio for Online Training Programs… without spending a lot of money

If you’re going to promote online training programs, of any type, as part of your business growth plan, you need to have a professional sounding microphone. Your computer and most phones will not record the quality that you need to present the right image. But, you don’t have to spend a fortune.

I found this awesome microphone on Amazon for around $30!

DuaFire USB Condenser Microphone Podcast Studio Sound Mic with Noise Cancellation for PC Mac Laptop Skype Recording, Gaming, Singing and Video Chat (Black)


It works like a charm when plugged into your computer or usb ready recording device.

It removes extra background noise and the annoying echo sounds. You simply plug the USB in and you are ready to record a high quality audio sound. How easy is that!  You can use it for YouTube videos or any type of video and audio recordings where you can plug in a USB. 


# 4 – How to Look Good on Video during Your Web Based Training Programs… when you don’t have professional light that can take ten years off your face

If you are concerned about putting the best image of you out there, you absolutely need good lighting. It just changes your overall appearance including brightens the face — which may take 10 years off of how you look.  That is something I wanted! Who doesn’t want to look younger?

I did my research and found an incredible budget friendly option that you can easily attach to your cell phone and your computer.

LIT Clip on Camera Light for Cell Phones, Tablets, Computers – 18 LEDs, Dimmer, Diffuser – Rechargeable Selfie Light – for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, iPad, Tablets, Laptops


You can find this item on Amazon. This one gives you the option of making the lighting brighter or dimmer.  It all depends on the lighting that you need.  If you have a lot of natural lighting, you might only need a little bit of light.  

I can tell you from personal experience this makes a huge difference in how I look on videos and even photos. And as a speaker training and coach, image is important in my profession so putting the best look forward is essential to my credibility.  



Now you have everything you need to get started delivering the best online courses and programs.

If you have any questions about creating the content you are going to teach for your online training and selling your online courses, contact me here.  Many of my clients come to me because they have so much information to share and they aren’t sure what to leave out and what to teach. And how to ensure people purchase those program. I am a master at content creation so I can certainly help you flush out the right compelling content that ensures you shine and your online training program participants love you!  

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