Let’s talk about how smart female speakers make the best of the coronavirus pandemic. If you are a speaker and you’re dealing with this current situation and social distancing, you might be saying, “Oh my gosh, what do I do?” Or “All my speaking presentations got canceled.” You are not alone. This is happening to speakers right now. And it isn’t the first time that some external situation cleared their speaking calendar.


To help you deal with social distancing and speaking, let me share my three-step “P” formula that will help you handle the social distancing as a female speaker. Watch the video below or scroll down to read more about the three steps now.

Watch this video about social distancing and what smart female speakers do on YouTube.


3-Step “P” Formula for Speakers to Handle Social Distancing

# 1 Prepare

The first speaker tip is to make sure that you prepare. You want to use this time to prepare any of your speaker marketing materials that are not complete. It might be that you haven’t completed your one sheet. And if you’re an advanced speaker, maybe you need to uplevel your media kit or your press kit. You need to have your speaker marketing materials ready because when these things change, you need to be prepared to book speaking engagements.

When the Coronavirus Pandemic and the issues with the virus no longer exist, you want to be prepared for speaking opportunities.

Speaker One Sheet

For example, think about your speaker one sheet. Does your one-sheet have your headshot, your titles and taglines of your presentations, and your speaker bio on it?

You want to make sure that your speaker one-sheet or speaker media kit or press kit looks very professional. It can’t just be something that you did on a word document because I’ve seen those, and they don’t look professional. Groups, corporations, and organizations are not going to want to hire a speaker that doesn’t have professional-looking marketing materials as a speaker. Now is a great time to prepare your speaker’s marketing materials.


# 2 Practice

The second speaker tip is practice. Do you have any presentations that you have been thinking about writing?  Maybe you have a presentation that you haven’t done in a while.  Now is a great time to practice your speaking presentation and fine-tune it.  It will give you extra time to see what presentation works and doesn’t work.

With most information being delivered online right now, you could take the same content you would provide to a live audience and deliver it online.  Plus, you could be practicing your presentation at the same time.

Practice Online like You’re Delivering One-On-One

You can utilize this online opportunity to get on video and deliver your presentation like you’re delivering it to an audience or deliver it in a one-to-one conversation like I’m doing right now on this vlog video blog. This is an excellent opportunity to practice your presentations by delivering them online.

When delivering them online, you can learn you could be looking for feedback from other people by asking questions in the video comments.

  • What are people getting?
  • What are people not getting?
  • What are they loving?
  • What’s missing?

It allows you to work out the kinks of your presentation.


# 3 People

This brings us to the final P, which is people. Now is the perfect time to go ahead and find people, not just any people, people that could book you as a speaker.

Find More Speaking Opportunities

Right now, with the social distancing as a female speaker, you have the time to find more speaking opportunities.  You can’t book them right now.  However, people are more accessible now than they have been in the past. They’re not in business meetings, and they’re not at networking events.  And, they’re not socializing. They’re easier to get ahold of. They’re not having all these other things going on in their life.

Create Your Support Network

Your goals are to find people that you think can help you book a speaking engagement. You can start by researching speaking engagements online and contact the person in charge of booking speakers.


Those are the three steps to handle social distancing as a female speaker and to do it in a smart way.

Now is the time to make sure that you make the most out of this Coronavirus situation as a speaker because when it’s over, you’ll be ready to shine your bright light on the world as the speaker.

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