Do you want to know how to get booked as a speaker? You are in the right place today because I’m going to share three essential strategies that will help you get booked as a speaker. I am super excited that you’re here. 


How to Get Booked as a Speaker: 3 Success Strategies from a Hands On and Seasoned Speaking Coach


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#1 Set Up Google Alerts

The first thing that you want to do is you want to use Google. Now you might be thinking AmondaRose; I don’t know how to Google speaking opportunities and how to get booked as a speaker. That’s why you are here and why I’m sharing this with you. You want to set up “Google Alerts,” not just search google. Specifically, “Google Alerts,” so that speaking opportunities literally show up in your email.

So here is how “Google Alerts” works.

  1. Let’s say you present to nurses, and you want to speak at a nurse’s conference.
  2. What you need to do is set up a google alert for nurse’s conferences. This is where the magic begins. This is what happens.
  3. You will get a google alert every time there’s something in the news about a nurse’s conference. It might just be something about a conference being planned or one that just occurred. It doesn’t need to have a big news story attached to it. It might just be a conference article anywhere on the web, and that’s going to show up in your google alert.
  4. So, you’ll be able to see where this conference is and when it’s held, and then you can contact the organization to see if they have any available speaking spots.
  5. If they don’t, mark your calendar to follow up as soon as that conference is over, because typically if it’s an annual conference, they’re going to go ahead and book another event as soon as the previous one ended. They will be looking for next years speakers so contact them right away.


#2 Look for Conferences in Your Niche or Industry

Depending on the size of the audience that you want to present to, the next thing you want to do is Google your ideal events and go to websites like and and look for conferences in your niche.


You can find many options such as conferences that are being held in your local area, locations that you want to travel to and events that are an hour away. Maybe you want to go to another state event. is great for that.


You can also search to find local groups, but remember you are specifically looking for groups that bring in speakers. You’re not just looking for networking groups; you’re looking for groups that bring in speakers because this is how to get booked as a speaker, not how to go to a meetup.  Correct? Awesome! We are on the same page!

#3 Get Booked on Your Website

And the last thing you want to do is to represent yourself as a speaker on your website, which means you want to have a navigation tab that says “book” followed by the name of your company or the name of your yourself, such as my website it says “Book AmondaRose.”

I am talking about the website navigation tab.  When people are looking to have me speak as a keynote or a paid presentation, they know right there when they go to my website, that’s the place for them.

Those are the three great tips to that will help you get booked as a speaker.


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