What’s the secret to female inspirational speakers and their success? Today we’re going to be talking about female inspirational speakers and how do they become successful.

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The Number One Secret of Female Inspirational Speakers Revealed

I’ll tell you number one of the essential speaker techniques that successful female speakers use.  And they do this better than anything else, besides impacting and inspiring their audience.

Masculine and Feminine Energy

Female inspirational speakers know how to connect the masculine and the feminine when they’re speaking. Yes, successful female inspirational speakers balance the masculine and the feminine.

Balancing the Masculine and Feminine Side

What does that look like to balance the masculine and the feminine?

The Masculine Side

The masculine side of female inspirational speakers is the part of them that owns their value.

That’s the masculine side because they don’t second guess themselves, which just common with lots of women.  Women tend to doubt themselves because we care so much. And that’s the part of the beauty of the feminine side.

The Feminine Side

The feminine part of the female inspirational speakers is the one that cares.

  • It is the part of a woman that speaks from the heart in an authentic way.
  • It is also the part of female inspirational speakers that want to share with their audience their personal journey, such as where they were to where they are now.
  • They want to connect with the audience, whether it is a room full of women or a room full of men and women.
  • The female inspirational speaker knows that they have an ability to connect emotionally and they really run with that.
  • However, they also stand in the power of what they’re here to share.
  • The audience relates to the female inspirational speaker when they clearly balance the masculine and the feminine.

After my presentations, I’ve had audience members come up to me and say “You’re really good at going to going back and forth between the masculine and the feminine.”  It isn’t something that I intentionally worked on.  It was something that naturally occurred due to all my years of experience as a professional speaker.

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You Need to Be BOTH

Remember, the audience wants to experience both, the masculine and the feminine, when watching a female inspirational speaker.

  • They want to see you own your worth.
  • They want to see you stand in place of heart and service. So, that’s the beauty of the most successful female inspirational speakers.
  • They do both sides, the masculine and the feminine. And they do it well because they stand in their power and they do it with heart.

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