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6-Figure Empowered $peaker Event is designed for WOMEN Business Owners who are ready to:

  • Masterfully Book Speaking Opportunities
  • Magnetize Your Audience
  • Monetize Your Message
  • Make an Impact!

Curious if 6-Figure Empowered Speaker Event for WOMEN is for you? Let's see if this is for you...

  • You a ready for a proven speaker training so you want an A-Z process for easily finding and booking speaking engagements
  • You want a step-by-step speaker system to "WOW" your audience every time you speak, including in-person and online speaking opportunities
  • You started your business and are ready to accelerate your business growth... and attract more leads, bigger opportunities and high paying clients
  • You want to feel confident as a speaker, and give presentations that compel your audience to take action now
  • You are finally ready to earn more money is less time by speaking to groups instead of one to one
  • You are ready to make a positive impact... and generate endless leads, clients and consistent cash-flow
  • You desire a proven step-by-step speaker training to successfully present in-person and online so you can eliminate the guess work and avoid costly mistakes
  • You are eager to stop being the best kept secret and share your message with more people instead of one to one
  • You would love to know how to create more revenue in half the time and spend more time with the ones you love
  • You are ready for a heart-centered female speaker trainer and business owner with two decades of experience... who over-delivers with her proven step-by-step system, coaching, and templates for 3 days!  

You are in the Right Place!

Imagine learning how to...

Easily get speaking gigs from live stages to podcasts with an A-Z training

Follow a proven step-by-step speaker training system for women

Make a difference and make more money doing whatyou love

Create live and online presentations to reach a bigger audience

Position yourself as the credible "Go to Expert" in your field 

Finally turn your undeniable passion into a profitable business!

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What You'll Learn...

I will walk you through my proven and easy to follow 6-Figure Empowered $peaker systems that includes...

How to Get Speaking Engagements with Ease... including Online and In-Person

Present Dynamic and Engaging Talks that Attract Raving Fans... and Your Ideal Clients Now

Discover Your Speaker Personality and Ways to Connect with Entire Your Audience

Steps to Easily Profit from the Stage so You Can Skyrocket Your Clients and Cash-Flow

Create Your Stand Out Signature Story and Change More Lives 

Clarify Your Business Message so You're Clear, Captivating and Compelling

Create Videos to Engage Your Viewers, Build Credibility and Get New Leads

How to Design a Program Offer... to Create Big Pay Days

Are You Ready to Become a 6-Figure Empowered $peaker Woman NOW?

I am revealing my step-by-step SECRETS to easily and quickly reach MORE people and MAKE MORE money.

Over twenty-years ago, I felt a calling to be a speaker. I realized I was meant to coach others how to successfully present to groups, so I started my business and began trying to sell my services. I even thought if I discounted my services it help me would grow my business.

I was unable to make money and I didn't know how to get clients. I was disappointed and felt like I was never going to make it financially, and make the difference I wanted to make.

As I ate through our savings my husband was getting upset and we began to argue a lot. I felt so discouraged! It got to a point where I thought I was going to have to give up on my dream and get a job. 

Has something like this ever happened to you?

Would you like me to share with you my proven strategies and systems that will help you increase your reach, revenue and results? 

Does that sound good? 

I am AmondaRose Igoe, the 6-Figure Speaking Success Strategist.  I am a Best-Selling Author and Award-Winning Speaking Expert with clients from over 20 countries around the world. I am author of two books and contributing author in Chicken Soup for the Soul.   

I have been showing heart-centered women business owners from around the globe how to deliver captivating presentations and book speaking gigs so they can significantly increase their impact and their income!   

Not only are they able to magnetize their audience, they are also monetizing their message. Making a big impact in the world requires specific skills so you can grow and expand your reach and revenue.

My early struggles led me to just the right spot. And like I said, I stumbled upon a solution that changed everything quite unexpectedly.  

Because I saw others struggle like I did, I made a declaration to keep going and not give up on my dream. I went into action and hired a coach to see where my pitfalls were. What I discovered was I was undercharging for my services and playing small. 

I created a new blueprint for success from what I learned. I implemented the steps, making adjustments and corrections along the way. I expanded my reach internationally, grew my audience, my business and my revenues 

My decision to keep going and not give up has delivered amazing results for me. I was so excited that I sat down and defined the process to help other women business owners easily get speaking gigs, step into their speaking power and increase their influence and income.


What You Will Take Away...

Discover these TOP revenue opportunities! Receive all these amazing outcomes and results! 

Time Saving Breakthroughs specifically for Speaking Opportunities

6-Figure Speaker Step-by-Step Templates and Scripts!

New Strategies to Create More Impact & More Money

Super Focused Clarity and Action Steps

Planning Guide and Workbook that You Will Use Over and Over Again

Supportive Heart Connections with Women that will Last a Lifetime

Insider Speaker Secrets and Strategies to Propel You Forward

The Momentum and Tools You Need Now to Grow Your Business 

"Resulted in 100's of Thousands of Dollars in New Revenue!"

“Speaking is now my #1 Marketing Strategy! I had all the steps that I needed to secure future speaking engagements. Afterward, I stood up in front of a room of 60 entrepreneurs, delivered my speech and had a line of people wanting to speak to me.” Vanessa Shaw, International Business Coach

"Seeing My Value and Creating Financial Results!” 

"AmondaRose has taken me from a 'data dumper' giving away information and not making any money, to creating powerful presentations, marketing funnels, countless business building strategies and tools, AND presenting in large groups, live, virtual and on air. AmondaRose has helped me stand in my power! I have increased my fees three times.”  Pamela Leonard, Integrative Nutrition Health Specialist

"More Higher End, Committed and Perfect Fit Clients from Speaking Engagements"

"AmondaRose is AWESOME!!! I have gotten many more higher end, committed and perfect fit clients from my speaking engagements… and I now I am paid for speaking! It is about the results. I can’t recommend her highly enough." Kumari Mullin, Internationally Acclaimed Intuitive Healer

A Few Videos and Pictures From Our Recent "LIVE" event!

Decide and Take Action Today...

Here is a RECAP of what you will achieve with AmondaRose's 6-Figure Empowered Speaker Event for Women Only

  • Get Speaking Engagements Now with an A-Z formula... including in-person and, online
  • Proven Speaker Steps to Create More Revenue in Half the Time by Speaking One-to-Many... instead of one-to-one
  • Present Powerful and Confident Dynamic Talks that Attract Raving Fans, New Leads and High-Paying Clients
  • Create Your Stand Out Signature Story and Change More Lives
  • Design the Ultimate Program Offer to Quickly Increase Your Results and Revenue... even if you are just getting started
  • Proven Speaker Steps to Create Consistent Clients and Cash-Flow -- so you can enjoy more time off with those you love
  • Overcome Your Biggest Money Blocks and Finally Get the Financial Breakthrough You Desire
  • Discover Speaker Personality Types and How to Up Level Your Speaking Game
  • Wow Your Online Viewers EVERY TIME you Present on Video with Ease, Confidence and Conversions
  • Share Your Expertise in a Bigger Way so You Can Empower Others to Improve their Life and their Business
  • Gain Clarity on Your Message so You Can Start Charging More and Earning What You are Worth
  • Take Your Speaking to the Next Level with Powerful and Proven Ways to Create 5-Figure and 6-Figure Pay Days

Get your 6-Figure Empowered $peaker Event ticket now... and you can attend In-Person or Virtually

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General Admission 

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  • Bring a Friend for $47 
  • 60 min Pre-Event Accelerator Group Training
  • Event Bag 
  • Planning Guide and Workbook
  • 30 days prior to the event you will be able to choose In-Person or Online
  • Save Today. General will increase to $797
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VIP Experience

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  • Bring a VIP Friend for $197
  • Millionaire Coming Out Party!!!
  • On-Stage Spotlight Coaching Opportunities
  • Exclusive Money Breakthrough Training
  • Two Networking Lunches with 3-Course Gourmet Meals
  • "Ask AmondaRose Anything" Bonus Session
  • Event Video Recordings: All 3 Days
  • Top Mistakes Women Make When Closing Presentations Video Training
  • 60 min Pre-Event Accelerator Group Training
  • Beautiful VIP Swag Bag 
  • Planning Guide and Workbook
  • 30 days prior to the event you will be able to choose In-Person or Online
  • Lock in savings. VIP will increase to $1497
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Register now and you will have the opportunity prior to the event to choose In-Person or Online Live Stream ticket attendance.

Committed to Your Satisfaction....

100% Total

Happiness Guarantee

If by the end of your first event day you don’t see how 6-Figure Empowered $peaker Event is up leveling your speaking... and even if you don’t like my hairdo, simply let us know and we will refund 100% of your investment within 30 days. I promise! I want to make your YES decision to attend this live event super easy. All you need to do is attend the first full day of training based on the ticket that you purchased to be eligible for our guarantee. This will be the best investment in yourself that you will make this year.

Because we have limited seating, if you are unable to attend in-person and prefer to not utilize the online option, tickets are non-refundable regardless of circumstance.  If you can't attend, you have up until 30 days before the event begins to let us know so you can give your ticket to a friend or request a full program credit to utilize towards another one of our programs or future events.  

Real People! Real Results!

"On Track to Build a Six-Figure Business!!

I put the AmondaRose step-by-step system into practice and immediately attained 4 figures per day VIP clients. Next, I'm set to achieve $25,000 in revenue from my first live event. And I'm on track to build a six-figure business!"- Jerusha Stewart - SuperStar Success Strategist

 "My Business is Booming!"

"Thanks to AmondaRose, I am finally experiencing real financial results and they are growing exponentially. AmondaRose she shares her exact systems so that everything is practically done for you and customizable for your business.” Sonya Nagy - Founder of Empower Your Life First  

"Launched New Program and made $24,000!"

"AmondaRose is a Brilliant Coach! I have attracted new clients and am taking my business to the next level. I have learned how to easily correct simple mistakes in order to increase my income and communicate the value of my services." - Meredith Marin - CEO of Vegan Hospitality


Meet AmondaRose, 6-Figure Speaking Success Strategist

Since starting speaking over two decades ago, my mission has been to provide easy to apply step-by-step training and real-time coaching that would ensure my clients and audiences get quick accelerated results.

Whether a woman wants to have a bigger impact and/or make more money, this program is essential. If that is you, you need to reserve your spot for the next "6-Figure Empowered $peaker Event for WOMEN."

The event is called "6-Figure Empowered $peaker Event" because it will attract heart-centered female business owners, industry thought leaders and impact-driven women from around the globe who are ready to amplify their reach, revenue and results. This live event is a gamer changer that includes step-by-step systems, easy to apply action steps and proven pro speaker secrets.  


AmondaRose Igoe, “6-Figure Speaking Success Strategist,” is an Award-Winning Speaking Expert and Best-Selling Author. She has taught thousands of Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Business Professionals step-by-step speaking systems so they can effectively share their signature message and skyrocket their presentation results. AmondaRose is the author of “Pain-Free Public Speaking” and “Share Your Story” and is a contributing author in the number #1 Best Selling book series: “Chicken Soup for the Soul.” The power AmondaRose's training has helped her clients from around the globe overcome their biggest speaking challenges and achieve massive monetary results. She has trained and coached business professionals in over 20 different countries.  

Claim Your Spot Now Before We Sell Out!

6-Figure Empowered Speaker Event for WOMEN

2023 Info Coming Soon

Location TBA

In-Person and Online Live-Stream Attendance Options

Act quickly to book your hotel for the special group rate.

Hotel info will be on your ticket registration confirmation page.

Common Questions: Just in case you have a few questions, I compiled a list of common questions

* Can I attend online or in-person?  

Yes, you have the option of joining us in-person or attending online via our Zoom live stream, as long as you let us know in advance which option you would like. There are benefits to both options.

In-person attendance increases your chances of special spotlight coaching opportunities and ensures you remain active and fully participating during each of the event segments, which may increase your after event results. 

And along with the Marriott hotel event location, we have put in place daily temperature taking, mask wearing, social distancing and disinfecting protocols to ensure you feel comfortable being in-person.

Online Live Stream has the benefit that you do not need to travel to and from the event.  My team and I do our best to ensure our online live-stream attendees have the best experience possible. Plus, everyone online is able to ask questions and share their responses and insights via the Zoom chat.

* What if I am just getting started as a speaker? Is this speaker training right for me?  

Absolutely! In fact, it's extremely helpful. When you attend this Empowered Speaker Event, you will know exactly what to do and what works best for you. And you won't have any costly habits to unlearn. This speaker training would be a super smart decision for you! You will learn things that you won't learn anywhere else.

* What if I am already a speaker and have had some success?  

The question is "Is there room for improvement?"  If you're answer is yes, 6-Figure Empowered Speaker Event will help you rock your results, revenue and reach. You no longer have to wonder if you are doing what works. Get ready to make positive changes so that you can get consistent results each and every time.  The best speakers in the world are always looking to fine tune and get better. 

* Is this event for women only?

6-Figure Empowered Speaker Event is open to anyone who identifies as an adult women. AmondaRose attracts heart-centered women who are eager to learn, ready to speak more and learn proven steps to grow their business.

* Do you offer a guarantee?  

We offer a 100% Total Happiness. If by the end of your first event day you don’t see how 6-Figure Empowered $peaker is up leveling your speaking... if you don’t feel that you are going to be a highly effective presenter... and even if you don’t like my hairdo, simply let us know and we will refund 100% of your investment within 30 days. I promise! I want to make your YES decision to attend this live event super easy. All you need to do is attend the first full day of training based on the ticket that you purchased to be eligible for our guarantee. This will be the best investment in yourself that you will make this year.

* Is this one of those multi-speaker pitchfests?

Absolutely not.  AmondaRose is your speaker, teacher and coach for 3 days. We do not believe in having speaker after speaker making offers to you.  We do believe in making an offer when appropriate.  The very small number of guest faculty have been hand selected to provide valuable insights to enhance your experience and will be sharing with you wisdom adding value without making a formal offer.  They are here to serve and support you.

* What is your event cancellation policy?

Because we have limited seating, tickets are non-refundable regardless of circumstance, even if you are unable to attend in-person and prefer to not utilize the online option.  If you can't attend, you have up until 30 days before the event to let us know so you can give your ticket to a friend or get a full program credit to utilize towards another one of our programs or future events.

* Is it possible to increase my confidence in front of a room?  

Yes! The ability to speak and communicate in clear, confident and compelling ways is based on a series of concrete speaker skills that any professional can master. I'll provide you with all the tools you need!  

* Will I receive a workbook or handouts to refer to later? 

You'll receive 6-Figure Empowered Speaker beautiful workbooks with step-by-step examples, checklists and scripts, so you will leave the 6-Figure Empowered Speaker Event with everything you need to ensure your future success.  

* Is 6-Figure Empowered Speaker Event for Women only?  

Yes! AmondaRose is a female so her training and coaching style has always been geared to female speakers, business owners and entrepreneurs. 6-Figure Empowered Speaker Event is for women only so that all heart-centered females can feel comfortable during the entire training. As a result, many of the women who attend will build lasting friendships and create a support system of women business owners and entrepreneurs.  

* What if I'm an introvert? Can this work for me?

Absolutely! We find that introverts do really well at our events because it's step by step and you follow a structure that works.  We will also show you how to tap into a new level of confidence and connection, whether you want to speak to a group of five or five-thousand. Many top speakers are introverts so you are in the right place. 

* What do I need to get started in this speaker training?

To join the others, you only need a few things to get started. One, a willingness to get out of your comfort zones. Two, is a sincere desire to share your message with more people. Three, an open mind to help you significantly improve your in person and online presentations... and your financial future.  

* Additional Questions? Click here to contact us now or call 800-610-9056

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and it’s potential. There is no guarantee, express or implied, that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas shared at this event and in the materials provided. Examples given are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings. Earning potential is entirely dependent on the efforts and skill of the person applying all or part of the concepts, ideas and strategies contained in our course and course materials. These are for illustrative purposes only and should not be interpreted as examples of what consumers can generally expect from our course. Your level of success in attaining the results claimed depends on the time you devote to the program, ideas and techniques mentioned your finances, knowledge and various skills. Since these factors differ according to individuals, we cannot guarantee your success or income level. Nor are we responsible for any of your actions. You are releasing us from any liability or claims associated with this or any of our programs and promotions and we shall in no way be held liable to any party for any direct, indirect, punitive, special, incident or other consequential damages arising directly or indirectly from any use of this material. This event and material are in no way to be constructed as counseling in Psychological, Medical, Legal or any type of Therapy. It is the responsibility of the individual to seek such professional(s) services as deemed necessary. 

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