January, 21-32, 2021 * In-Person & Online Live Stream Option


6-Figure Empowered $peaker Event is designed specifically for Heart-Centered WOMEN Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who want to Magnetize their Audience, Monetize their Message, and Make an Impact!

Curious if 6-Figure Empowered Speaker Event is for you? Let's see if this is for you...

  • You started your business based on your passion, and you are feeling stuck because you haven't reached your goals - making a difference and making money
  • You want to know how to easily get speaking engagements... and to quickly get paid to speak
  • You are finally ready to earn what you are worth... in a way that values your knowledge, time and experience
  • You aren't sure how to reach a bigger audience and want to stop being the best kept secret in your industry
  • You want to feel confident as a speaker, and give presentations that compel your audience to take action
  • You desire a proven step-by-step speaker training to successfully present to live audiences and online
  • You want to create new leads and sales… while delivering heart-centered presentations that captivate your audience
  • You are ready for a heart-centered female speaker trainer that over-delivers with step-by-step training, templates and coaching for 3 days!  

You are in the RIGHT place! Imagine learning how to...

Market yourself as a speaker... and make money doing what you love! 

Clarify and focus on the exact steps you need to take

Position yourself as the credible "Go to Expert" in your field 

Create live and online presentations that increase your results and your revenue

Finally turn your undeniable passion into a profitable business!

Have a lasting impact and make a difference in the lives of others

Follow a proven speaker training system 

Create more cash flow so you have more freedom and time for fun

Have the confidence and knowledge to be on the right track

Get stuff done, instead of talking about it

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At 6-Figure Empowered Speaker Event for WOMEN, I am spilling my SPEAKER COACH SECRETS with you to empower you to share your message with MORE people and MAKE MORE money.

6-Figure Empowered $peaker Event will be the BEST investment you made personally and professionally in your business. And it was designed for women by a woman Speaker Pro! 



I’m going to walk you through my proven and easy to follow 6-Figure Empowered $peaker system that includes...

How to Get Speaking Engagements with Ease... including Online and In-Person (Exclusive for VIP Tickets)

Present Dynamic Talks that Attract Raving Fans and Clients Now

How to Price Your Presentation Offer... So, It Makes You a Fortune

Clarify Your Message so You're Clear, Concise and Compelling

Create Your Signature Story and Change More Lives 

Deliver High Impact Videos to Increase Your Global Credibility

Present Successfully to Groups to Close More Sales Quickly

How to Start Earning What You are Worth Now! 

Are You Ready to Become a 6-Figure Empowered $peaker Woman NOW?


Discover these TOP revenue opportunities! Receive all these amazing outcomes and results! 

Time Saving Breakthroughs to Easily Book Speaking Opportunities (Exclusive for VIP Tickets)

Step-by-Step Templates, Scripts and More! 

New Strategies to Create More Money

Super Focused Clarity and Action Steps

Planning Guide and Workbook that You Will Use Over and Over Again

Supportive Heart Connections with Women that will Last a Lifetime

Insider Speaker Secrets and Strategies to Propel You Forward

The Momentum and Tools You Need Now to Grow Your Business 

"Resulted in 100's of Thousands of Dollars in New Revenue!"

“Speaking is now My #1 Marketing Strategy! I had all the steps that I needed to secure future speaking engagements. Afterward, I stood up in front of a room of 60 entrepreneurs, delivered my speech and had a line of people wanting to speak to me.” Vanessa Shaw, International Business Coach

"Seeing My Value and Creating Financial Results!” 

"AmondaRose has taken me from a 'data dumper' giving away information and not making any money, to creating powerful presentations, marketing funnels, countless business building strategies and tools, AND presenting in large groups, live, virtual and on air. AmondaRose has helped me stand in my power! I have increased my fees three times.”  Pamela Leonard, Integrative Nutrition Health Specialist

"More Higher End, Committed and Perfect Fit Clients from Speaking Engagements"

"AmondaRose is AWESOME!!! I have gotten many more higher end, committed and perfect fit clients from my speaking engagements… and I now I am paid for speaking! It is about the results. I can’t recommend her highly enough." Kumari Mullin, Internationally Acclaimed Intuitive Healer


Extraordinary moments that will get your business on the fast track. Find your next speaking engagement opportunity, build your tribe, support other women, and find the momentum to propel you forward.

Step-by-Step Proven Formulas! VIP TICKET includes How to Get Speaking Engagments... including Online and In-Person

Contest Opportunities to Win "Highly Desired" Prizes

Special OMG Memorable Moments and Take Aways

Real Time Coaching! Get Your Questions Answered! 

Presentation Practice and Feedback Sessions

How to Price and Package Your Programs so they are a No Brainer

Inspiring Invincible $peaker Success Stories

Steps to Maximize Every Presentation Opportunity


Select 3-Day Live Event or 3-Day Virtual Live Stream

January 21-23, 2021

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Watch and discover why you must be at the next 6-Figure Empowered $peaker Event

Ready to Grow Your Business Quickly? 

Yes, AmondaRose! I am ready to magnetize my audience, monetize my message, make an impact and register for the 6-Figure Empowered $peaker Event.

I’m excited about the possibility of standing in my feminine power as a speaker and skyrocketing my business. I want to make a difference, create a new level of business visibility and achieve a new level of financial success that speaking online and to audiences can help me achieve. I am committed to attending the 6-Figure Empowered $peaker Event.

6-Figure Empowered $peaker has two speaker training options...

OPTION 1: VIP TICKET - 3 Days, January 21-23, 2021

  • VIP Access to All 3 Days - In-Person and Live Stream Option
  • Includes Exclusive VIP Training Day on January 21 called "Get Speaking Engagements with Ease... including Online and In-Person" Step-by-Step Blueprint
  • Plus, your VIP ticket investment includes Speaker Booking Scripts, Checklists and Forms 
  • Pre-Event VIP Accelerator - "VIP Only" 60 Minute Group Coaching Online Session with AmondaRose.  
  • Network with other powerhouses during the exclusive VIP Bonus Training Day... which may lead to incredible joint ventures and business opportunities.  
  • Includes all General Admission benefits too! Highly desired workbook, including step-by-step forms, checklists and action steps.
  • You have my "100% Total Happiness Guarantee."

OPTION 2: General Admission - 2 Days, January 22-23, 2021

  • Access to 2 Days - In-Person and Live Stream Option  
  • Highly desired workbook, including step-by-step forms, and action steps. 
  • Open Question and Answer segments at the event to get your biggest speaking questions answered by your coach, AmondaRose.  
  • Excludes "Exclusive VIP Training Day on January 21 "Get Speaking Engagements with ease... including Online and In-Person" Step-by-Step Blueprint
  • You have my "100% Iron Clad TRIPLE Happiness Guarantee."

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Get your 6-Figure Empowered $peaker Event ticket... before it sells out again!

* Select Live Event or Online Live Stream *

# 1 BEST Option - VIP - 3 Days, includes How to Get Speaking Engagements  with Ease... including Online and In-Person
=> Click here for "LIVE IN-PERSON" VIP Ticket 
 January 21-23, 2021
* 3 Days
Only $497
* Last Minute is 997
=> Click here for "ONLINE" VIP Ticket 
 January 21-23, 2021
* 3 Days
Only $497
* Last Minute is 997

HURRY! Save $500 and get your ticket now... before VIP Tickets Sell Out Quickly

# 2 Option - General - 2 Days, excludes How to Get Speaking Engagements
=> Click here for "LIVE IN-PERSON" General Admission 
January 22-23, 2021
* 2 Days
Just $197
* Last Minute is 597
=> Click here for "ONLINE" General Admission 
January 22-23, 2021
* 2 Days
Just $197
* Last Minute is 597

 Act Quickly! Save $400 on General Admission when you reserve your spot now.

Committed to Your Satisfaction....

100% Total Happiness Guarantee

If by the end of your first event day you don’t see how 6-Figure Empowered $peaker is up leveling your speaking... and even if you don’t like my hairdo, simply let us know and we will refund 100% of your investment within 30 days. I promise! I want to make your YES decision to attend this live event super easy. All you need to do is attend the first full day of training based on the ticket that you purchased to be eligible for our guarantee. This will be the best investment in yourself that you will make this year. I promise! I want to make your decision to attend this event super easy.  

Plus... reserve your ticket now and if for any reason you can't attend you have up until 30 days before the event begins to personally cancel, less a modest $50 bookkeeping / administrative fee. 

I can't wait to see you at 6-Figure Empowered $peaker Event!  

Real People! Real Results!

"On Track to Build a Six-Figure Business!!

I put the AmondaRose step-by-step system into practice and immediately attained 4 figures per day VIP clients. Next, I'm set to achieve $25,000 in revenue from my first live event. And I'm on track to build a six-figure business!"- Jerusha Stewart - SuperStar Success Strategist

 "My Business is Booming!"

"Thanks to AmondaRose, I am finally experiencing real financial results and they are growing exponentially. AmondaRose she shares her exact systems so that everything is practically done for you and customizable for your business.” Sonya Nagy - Founder of Empower Your Life First  

"Launched New Program and made $24,000!"

"AmondaRose is a Brilliant Coach! I have attracted new clients and am taking my business to the next level. I have learned how to easily correct simple mistakes in order to increase my income and communicate the value of my services." - Meredith Marin - CEO of Vegan Hospitality

Meet AmondaRose, 6-Figure Speaking Success Strategist

Since starting speaking over two decades ago, I've wanted to create a speaker training program for eager to learn business owners, leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs. I wanted to make it easy for them to learn from me and do it in an accelerated way. 

My vision has always been to positively impact the lives of a million from around the globe. This speaker training program is designed to serve as a catalyst for coaches, authors, speakers, non-profits, consultants, entrepreneurs, leaders and business professionals who are eager to effectively share their signature message so they can rapidly accelerate business growth and positively impact more lives. 

Whether someone wants to create consistent clients, increase their sales, launch a new product line, grow a non-profit, learn how to develop a powerful and dynamic presentations, create compelling online courses and programs and/or learn the keys to overcoming the fear of speaking and present with more confidence– then this program is essential. If that is you, you need to reserve your spot "Empowered $peaker Event." 

It's called "6-Figure Empowered $peaker Event" because it will attract innovative business owners, industry thought leaders, and key influencers who are ready to amplify their speaking results. This live event will change your life and has the potential to magnify your speaking results and business revenue.  


AmondaRose Igoe, “6-Figure Speaking Success Strategist,” is an Award-Winning Speaking Expert and Best-Selling Author. She has taught thousands of Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Business Professionals step-by-step speaking systems so they can effectively share their signature message and skyrocket their presentation results. She is the creator of the Invincible Speaker Systems to Amplify Your Impact and Income.  

When AmondaRose is being interviewed and speaking to international audiences, she ignites the atmosphere with her empowering message, extraordinary insights and real results. AmondaRose is the author of “Pain-Free Public Speaking” and “Share Your Story” and is a contributing author in the number #1 Best Selling book series: “Chicken Soup for the Soul.”  

The power AmondaRose's training has helped her clients from around the globe overcome their biggest speaking challenges and achieve massive monetary results. She has trained and coached business professionals in over 20 different countries.  

In-Person and Live Stream Event Hours & Details

6-Figure Empowered Speaker Event Hours

Thursday, Jan 21, 2021 - VIP TICKET HOLDERS ONLY - 9:00 am to 6:00 pm ET  

Friday, Jan 22, 2021 - VIP TICKET and GENERAL ADMISSION - 9:00 am to 6:00 pm ET  

Saturday, Jan 23, 2021 - VIP TICKET and GENERAL ADMISSION - 9:30 am to 6:00 pm ET  

6-Figure Empowered Speaker Live Location * Live Stream Tickets are also available

Hutchinson Island Marriott Beach Resort and Marina  

555 NE Ocean Boulevard, Stuart, Florida 34996 USA Phone: 1-772-225-3700 Toll Free: 1-800-775-5936 

Book your hotel accommodations asap to ensure event hotel rooms are available at the special group rate of $140 per night. If rooms are still available, your event GROUP info will be on your ticket registration Confirmation Page.

In-Person Event Hotel Information:  

Hutchinson Island Marriott Beach Resort and Marina 555 NE Ocean Boulevard Stuart, Florida 34996 USA Phone: 1-772-225-3700 Toll Free: 1-800-775-5936  


The closest airport is Palm Beach International Airport (PBI), located in West Palm Beach, FL, approximately 40 minutes from the event. PBI is the recommended airport. However, there are many other Florida airports to choose from including Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Melbourne and Orlando.  

Airport Transportation:

There are several transportation options based on your specific needs. The most common options are Uber and Lyft since they offer a significant savings.  

Common Questions: Just in case you have a few questions, I compiled a list of common questions

* What if I am just getting started as a speaker? Is this speaker training right for me?  

Absolutely! In fact, it's extremely helpful. When you attend this Empowered Speaker Event, you will know exactly what to do and what works best for you. And you won't have any costly habits to unlearn. This speaker training would be a super smart decision for you! You will learn things that you won't learn anywhere else.

* What if I am already a speaker and have had some success?  

The question is "Is there room for improvement?"  If you're answer is yes, 6-Figure Empowered Speaker Event will help you rock your results, revenue and reach. You no longer have to wonder if you are doing what works. Get ready to make positive changes so that you can get consistent results each and every time.  The best speakers in the world are always looking to fine tune and get better. 

* Do you offer a guarantee?  

We offer a 100% Total Happiness. If by the end of your first event day you don’t see how 6-Figure Empowered $peaker is up leveling your speaking... if you don’t feel that you are going to be a highly effective presenter... and even if you don’t like my hairdo, simply let us know and we will refund 100% of your investment within 30 days. I promise! I want to make your YES decision to attend this live event super easy. All you need to do is attend the first full day of training based on the ticket that you purchased to be eligible for our guarantee. This will be the best investment in yourself that you will make this year.

* Is this one of those multi-speaker pitchfests?

Absolutely not.  AmondaRose is your speaker, teacher and coach for 3 days. We do not believe in having speaker after speaker making offers to you.  We do believe in making an offer when appropriate.  The very small number of guest faculty have been hand selected to provide valuable insights to enhance your experience and will be sharing with you wisdom adding value without making a formal offer.  They are here to serve and support you.

* Is it possible to increase my confidence in front of a room?  

Yes! The ability to speak and communicate in clear, confident and compelling ways is based on a series of concrete speaker skills that any professional can master. I'll provide you with all the tools you need!  

* Will I receive a workbook or handouts to refer to later? 

You'll receive 6-Figure Empowered Speaker beautiful workbooks with step-by-step examples, checklists and scripts, so you will leave the 6-Figure Empowered Speaker Event with everything you need to ensure your future success.  

* Is 6-Figure Empowered Speaker Event for Women only?  

Yes! AmondaRose is a female so her training and coaching style has always been geared to female speakers, business owners and entrepreneurs. 6-Figure Empowered Speaker Event is for women only so that all heart-centered females can feel comfortable during the entire training. As a result, many of the women who attend will build lasting friendships and create a support system of women business owners and entrepreneurs.  

* What if I'm an introvert? Can this work for me?

Absolutely! We find that introverts do really well at our events because it's step by step and you follow a structure that works.  We will also show you how to tap into a new level of confidence and connection, whether you want to speak to a group of five or five-thousand. Many top speakers are introverts so you are in the right place. 

* What do I need to get started in this speaker training?

To join the others, you only need a few things to get started. One, a willingness to get out of your comfort zones. Two, is a sincere desire to share your signature message with more people. Three, an open mind to help you significantly improve your in person and online presentations... and your financial future.  

* Additional Questions? Click here to contact us now or call 800-610-9056

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and it’s potential. There is no guarantee, express or implied, that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas shared at this event and in the materials provided. Examples given are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings. Earning potential is entirely dependent on the efforts and skill of the person applying all or part of the concepts, ideas and strategies contained in our course and course materials. These are for illustrative purposes only and should not be interpreted as examples of what consumers can generally expect from our course. Your level of success in attaining the results claimed depends on the time you devote to the program, ideas and techniques mentioned your finances, knowledge and various skills. Since these factors differ according to individuals, we cannot guarantee your success or income level. Nor are we responsible for any of your actions. You are releasing us from any liability or claims associated with this or any of our programs and promotions and we shall in no way be held liable to any party for any direct, indirect, punitive, special, incident or other consequential damages arising directly or indirectly from any use of this material. This event and material are in no way to be constructed as counseling in Psychological, Medical, Legal or any type of Therapy. It is the responsibility of the individual to seek such professional(s) services as deemed necessary.