Are you wondering how to get more clients? Every year I hear many coaches, consultants, leaders, authors and all types of heart-centered business owners say the same thing, “It is really hard to attract new clients for my programs.”


They continue to share with me how difficult it is to find prospective clients to talk to. And it gets worse … because their business rarely generates sales, they are struggling financially.

They have tried it all including social media, LinkedIn, networking, and some have even made cold calls.


How to Get More Clients: Speak to Groups

My heart goes out to them because they are often ready to give up!

Yet we both know that nothing is better than speaking to groups to grow a business … because presenting to an audience

  • highlights your expertise,
  • builds a high level of trust and
  • makes it easier to convert attendees into new clients.


The Easy Solution to Learn All This: Feeling Empowered

So, here an easy solution for you to get on the road to getting lots of great leads and sales … and make a difference in a lot more lives.


Empowered $peaker Event

As the creator of the Empowered Speaker Event, I’ve taken the very best speaker training tools and systems that I’ve learned over the last 15 years and created a speaker event that gives you what you need most. It’s like a roadmap… because all you have to do is follow my speaking examples, step-by-step scripts, presentation templates, checklists and forms.

“The Empowered Speaker Event was one of the most educational, inspirational and insightful training I have ever attended. AmondaRose is a wealth of knowledge and the most amazing teacher. Her ability to look at what you have written and quickly turn it from good to great is amazing. If you are just starting your business, her training is for you and if you are an established business owner, it is also for you. There is something for everyone at her events. You will never leave the same way you came.” – Fiona Johnson


Speaker training tools showing you:

It is your turn… get started now to learn how to solve the problem of reaching more people, creating new clients and increasing your prosperity flow.

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