Do you want to know how to become a female motivational speaker? If you want to become a female motivational speaker, you are in the right place. I’m going to share with you four essential speaker tips that are going to help you catapult your success as a female motivational speaker.

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4 Essential Female Motivational Speaker Tips to Help You Catapult Your Speaking Success

Female Motivational Speaker Tip # 1: Have a Clear Niche

The first thing you want to do is have a clear niche.  You want to be able to answer the questions with clarity:

  • What do you specialize in?
  • Who is in your ideal audience?

The reason is that you need to know who you’re speaking to get speaking engagements.

Lot’s of Female Speakers Say, “I Speak About Many Topics”

Lots of times female speakers will come to me and they will say something like this “I speak about motivation. And I speak about social media. And I also speak about organizing.”  

These female speakers have a long unfocused list of what they speak about.

And the challenge is that one area of speaking doesn’t have anything to do with the other area of speaking.  

Have a Clear and Focused Direction

So, you want to make sure as a female motivational speaker that you have a clear direction as to the topic that you’re presenting on, otherwise speaking engagements will allude you

For example, if your topic is business focused, it could be around different business strategies that you implement. It could be social media and general marketing strategies.  Social media could also be connected to prospecting in business. Many areas of speaker topics could fall under that category of business growth. 

However, you wouldn’t say you speak about business growth and you speak about gardening. They clearly wouldn’t go together as a female motivational speaker niche, and would confuse event hosts and organizers when they are looking for a speaker.  

Female Motivational Speaker Tip # 2: Gain Clarity on Your Ideal Audience

Besides having a clear direction, you need to know who is in your audience, especially who is in your “ideal” audience.” 

Speaking to your ideal audience is about knowing who you want to speak to, and why they need your help verses another female motivational speaker.

Building a Community of Raving Fans

When you speak to your ideal audience, it will be easier to build a community of raving fans because you will be on the same page.  

For me, all my clients are heart-centered business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders.  I resonate with them and they resonate with my style.  And as a female speaker, you want to build a community but raving fans too.  

The more presentations that you do, the more raving fans who have as long as you deliver a great presentation, and we’ll talk about that in a moment.

So, build a community of raving fans so you can have people talking about you on social media.

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Female Motivational Speaker Tip # 3: The Power of Speaker Hashtags

Use the power of your name on social media and ask your audiences to use your name and branding as hashtags. For example, mine would be #AmondaRose.   I also use #EmpoweredSpeaker and #EmpoweredSpeakerEvent. 

Ask your audience to use your hashtag and express that they liked the points that you shared. 

The really cool thing is that it creates a way that people will be chatting about you and your presentations. 

It allows them to share highlights of your presentation information, such as little tidbits that they learned from you.   And what happens is people start to take notice.

Female Motivational Speaker Tip # 4: You Are in the Business of Speaking

Next thing you want to think of being a female motivational speaker as a business.  It isn’t just about speaking.  It is a business. 

You might be an awesome and super great female speaker already. However, there might be some things that you need to look at from a business perspective, and/or from a speaker delivery perspective.

We don’t know what we don’t know when it comes to speaking. 

This is where you need to consider investing in your business as a female speaker because having expert feedback and advanced speaker strategies are key to growing your female motivational speaking business.

Female Motivational Speaker Tip # 5: Fail Forward Fast

The final point you want to implement is that you want to be willing to fail and learn from your mistakes as a female motivational speaker. Which means you need to fail and keep moving forward. No matter what happens.

It’s going to happen. Not failing is NOT an option. You are going to screw up.

I’ve done many presentations and not every single one has been my best.  You want to take those situations and learn from them. Because in order to be a successful female motivational speaker, you have to be willing to fail. Then you must pick yourself up and learn from those speaking mistakes and keep going and growing.

So those are five awesome speaker strategies that will help you become a female motivational speaker. If you’re saying “I really need some more help.” or “I’m not sure how to get started.” or maybe I’ve gotten started, but I’ve only gotten so far.” Go ahead and apply for a thirty-minute complimentary strategy session here now.

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