How much do motivational speakers charge per hour? An easy marketing strategy is to look at the potential income a motivational speaker can make, or basically the amount they are being paid.

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Hourly Speaking Rate

If a new or less experienced speakers is making one-thousand to fifteen-hundred dollars for a motivational speaker presentation and a more advanced speaker is making ten-thousand per presentation, obviously their hourly rate and how you can make money with speaking engagements and speaking gigs is going to be very different.

You have to do the math.

What’s Included in Your Speaking Rate?

If your motivational speech is one hour, you might think that whatever you were paid for the presentation would equal your hourly rate. 

However, when considering your motivational speaker hourly rate, you want to consider the time it took to prepare the presentation, how long it took to practice the presentation, hours spent dealing with logistics to set up a presentation and what is the time spent traveling to and from the presentation.  Clearly, the hours spent on this motivational speech can add up quickly.

So, if you’re charging one thousand for a presentation and it takes you ten hours in total to prepare and deliver that presentation, then you would be making one-hundred dollars per hour.

Your Speaking Expertise Counts

If you’re paid five thousand for a motivational speech, now for the same ten hours, you are earning five-hundred dollars per hour.   

To earn five-hundred dollars as a motivational speaker, you will need to have the level of expertise and experience that creates that high level of income as a presenter.

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Those are the key elements to determine how much a motivational speaker, a keynote speaker, a professional speaker can charge per hour for their presentation.

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