How do I list my speaking engagements on LinkedIn? You’re in the right place because I’m going to answer that question.

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How Do I List My Speaking Engagements on LinkedIn: 5 Essential Locations You Want to List Your Gigs

A common question that many speakers ask is “How do I list my speaking engagements on LinkedIn?” And it is an important speaker question because listing your speaking engagements on LinkedIn increases your credibility, and highlights that you are an expert in your industry.

To ensure your success, I’m going to give you the five essential locations that you can list speaking engagements on LinkedIn.

#1 Work Experience

Under Work Experience, you can put “Speaker,” as a category and include the different speaking engagements you have spoken at including the name of the event, group, or organization.  You may also want to include the location of the event.

#2 Professional Summary

In your LinkedIn professional summary, you can list the type of presentations that you’ve delivered, document the places, groups and organizations that you’ve spoken at, and how long you’ve been presenting for.

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#3 Business Page

Besides your personal page on LinkedIn, you will want to post the same speaking engagements on your LinkedIn business page. Remember, to only add a list of speaking engagements that you have booked and delivered.

#4 LinkedIn Newsfeed

Remember, to put your speaking engagements in the LinkedIn Newsfeed.

You will want to post

  • before,
  • during, and
  • after,

as it relates to speaking opportunities.


Think of your post as a way to celebrate when something great happened. You will find that others like to celebrate in your success with you. These type of LinkedIn posts often get lots of positive comments.

For example,

  • maybe you just booked an awesome presentation. Go ahead and post on LinkedIn your excitement about this speaking engagement,
  • maybe you just delivered a great presentation. You can post that in the newsfeed.

You can post that in the newsfeed.

When you post this way, you get noticed and more people will see you as a professional speaker who gets booked for speaking opportunities.  This will create more booking opportunities for you.

#5 Honor Section

The last and final place that you can post your speaking engagements on LinkedIn is in the Honors section.

Which Ones to Add and Which Ones to Leave Out

Are you wondering “How do I decide which speaking engagements to add, and which ones to leave out?”

If you are a new speaker, put every presentation that you have delivered that highlights your expertise.  If you are an advanced speaker who has done hundreds of presentations, only highlight the higher-level presentation that you have given that make your LinkedIn readers say “Wow!” Otherwise, your more credible presentations will get lost in a long list of presentations.

That answers your questions with five amazing places that you can list your speaking engagements on LinkedIn that include work experience, professional services, business page, feed the newsfeed and honors.

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