How can I make money speaking? I hear that question all the time from those that would like to be a professional speaker, motivational speaker, keynote speaker, and even a business owner who wants to create leads and sales when speaking.

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How Can I Make Money Speaking: The Many Ways of Speaking Engagement Opportunities

As a speaker and a coach, I have mastered how to make money as a speaker.  I’m really excited to answer that super common question “How can I make money as a speaker?”

Speakers can make money in many different ways.

Some individuals have done paid speaking presentations.  And others will deliver complimentary presentations where they have an opportunity to offer their products or services at the end of the presentation.

I’m a big believer in doing both, paid presentations and complimentary speeches.  Here’s the reason why.

The Money Benefit of Complimentary Speaking Engagements

What if the economy goes down? What if all the paid speaking opportunities dried up?

Maybe the economy took a downturn and the market tanked.  Now, the corporations aren’t hiring speakers anymore, so all the paid opportunities went away.  Therefore, the paid speakers were no longer making money, and in most cases would have no form of additional income.

On the opposite side, the speakers that were going out and delivering free presentations and creating income from offering their products and services, we’re still making money no matter what the economy was doing.

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Making Money Speaking with Complimentary and Paid Speaking Opportunities

That is why I think you should do both types of speaking to make money.

The Secret is in Taking Action

Here is why:

You want to be able to go out and present to groups and corporations. That way you can make money as a speaker by being paid as a keynote and/or motivational speaker.

And the other thing you want to do is go out and have a speaker strategy for doing complimentary presentations to groups and organizations that bring in free speakers, and offer your products and services at the end of the presentation.  It can be a highly lucrative opportunity when done well.

$50,000 from One Speaking Engagement

I made over $50,000 from one live event thanks to the sales I close.  And I did it without being aggressive and pushy as a speaker.  I am living proof that you can be a speaker that is heartfelt, loving and authentic!

I’m going to tell you there are a lot of different types of speaking engagement opportunities out there that you can present to.  You want to maximize your income potential by doing both.

“Don’t limit yourself in one path for making money as a speaker.” ~AmondaRose

That’s the best information that I could share with you. And it’s powerful.

If you’re not sure how much to charge for your presentations, how to get speaking engagements or what could you sell during your presentations, you are not alone.  Because that’s a struggle that many speakers have. Apply for a strategy session with me and we’ll figure that out.  I look forward to helping you.

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