Top 3 Elevator Speech Tips to Create Outstanding Networking Results

     By: AmondaRose Igoe – February 14, 2019 – Posted in: Tips

Are you looking for elevator speech tips? Do you want to go to networking meetings and captivate everyone’s attention? Get everyone in the room to say, “Oh my gosh, I want to hire this person.” And other comments like “I want to work with them” or “I need them.”

You are in the right place today, because in this speaker training video post, I’m going to be sharing with you three elevator speech tips, also known as the networking introduction elevator speech.


3 Elevator Speech Tips That Grow Your Reputation and Reach

Watch the video below to find more insights about the three elevator speech tips or scroll down to read the full blog post.

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Networking Introduction Tip #1:  Open Your Speech with a Bang!

Tip number one is to open your elevator speech with a bang. You want to do something in your networking intro that’s unexpected. Lots of times people get up, and they say, things like “My name is, uh, Joe Smith and I work for PNC Delivery Services. It’s not very interesting, is it? So, what if Joe Smith got up and said: “How many of you have ever lost a package?” Many people would agree and say “Yes.” As a result, Joe Smith captivated people’s attention.

You might want to open with a question or a statistic to get people to pay attention to you.


Networking Introduction Tip #2  “I Specialize in …”

The second tip in creating an awesome elevator speech is to make sure you say “I specialize in.” People want to hire people who specialize in something. They don’t want to hire somebody who has fifty-million businesses.

Make sure you say “I specialize in …” and what you specialize in.

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Networking Introduction Tip #3  Have a Clear Call to Action

The final step is you want to make sure that you have a clear call to action. You want to tell people exactly what steps you want them to take. For example, do you want them to come to you at the end of the meeting? Do you want them to visit a website? Do you want them to give you a call?

Now, the challenge with websites and phone numbers delivered in an elevator speech are not that easy to remind, and people aren’t often writing things down. I like to invite people to come and speak with me as my closing.

It goes like this, “Go to high performance” That’s High in to get my eight high-performance speaking tips. Do you see how I did that? Right? I mentioned the website twice. I spelled a word that people often ask me is to spell which is “high” in high performance

That concludes my three easy elevator speech tips that will help you, and sure you’re networking results.  If you are eager to double and even triple your speaking results, apply for a 30 minute complimentary strategy session here.

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