How to Make Money as a Speaker – Interview with Dr. Joe White

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Struggling to make money as a speaker? Not sure what to do to monetize your presentation opportunities? Watch this amazing interview with AmondaRose Igoe and Dr. Joe White. Dr. Joe White is a dynamic public speaker whose speeches inspire, educate and motivate his audiences. He shares power-packed business and peak performance strategies that he learned

Speaking with Confidence, Authority and Authenticity

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Watch this special Interview with Ella Glasgow and AmondaRose Igoe so you can "Speak with Confidence, Authority and Authenticity" now. Ella Glasgow is a singer turned speaker coach known as The Authority Creator. She helps passionate women in business step out of the shadows and into the spotlight in 89 days so they can be

Photos and Videos – How to take the Best Presentation Shots

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Are you wondering how to shoot the best speaker photos and video footage, when presenting at events, conferences or groups? Do you want to maximize your next speaking opportunity with some high impact video segments and photos opportunities? If yes, this article is perfect for you. I will be covering what makes a great shot angle, how to find someone to film, where to do the shots and what to do to get the best video footage.