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5 Public Speaking Confidence Hacks

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Do you want to feel more confident and at ease when speaking to all types of groups? I thought why not use the power of Hacks to improve your public speaking so you can get over all types of public speaking fear, presentation anxiety or even the normal jitters that most of us experience.  I created

How to Overcome Your Public Speaking Fear and Anxiety

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Public speaking is something that you either feel confident in or it brings you a high sense of public speaking fear or anxiety.  Some people that can go on the stage in front of others and give a fabulously moving speech where they look calm, cool, and collected. They can give a business presentation that

Photos and Videos – How to take the Best Presentation Shots

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Are you wondering how to shoot the best speaker photos and video footage, when presenting at events, conferences or groups? Do you want to maximize your next speaking opportunity with some high impact video segments and photos opportunities? If yes, this article is perfect for you. I will be covering what makes a great shot angle, how to find someone to film, where to do the shots and what to do to get the best video footage.

Speaking Tips – 3 Presentation Closing Strategies – Avoid Costly Mistakes

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Public Speaking Tips Video specifically for business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and service providers who would like to know what to offer from the stage and how much you can charge. In this video, I recorded on Facebook Live, you will learn 3 Presentation Closing Offer Strategies specifically: * How to avoid costly mistakes that are keeping you from closing the sale * What makes the best offer and ensures your audience wants what you are promoting * How to price your offer that leads to a successful presentation closing

Public Speaking Fear – How to Overcome Speaking Anxiety with the Help of a Dog

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Dealing with Public Speaking Anxiety or Fear? You might be totally shocked when you read this… Public Speaking Fear – Can a Dog Help You Overcome Your Speaking Anxiety? Before you say Yes or No, here is something you need to know first.

Impromptu Presentation – 3 Easy Last Minute Speech Tips

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Have you ever had to deal with a TRICKY LAST MINUTE PRESENTATION? Unexpected toast?  Uncomfortable off the cuff speech?  Unplanned question. Yes, the dreaded IMPROMPTU speech! You are not alone!  I created this short video with 3 Easy Steps YOU need to implement during these undesired and unexpected presentation situations. That’s typically called the “impromptu presentation”, where you’re totally

Common Public Speaking Questions Answered

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Public speaking is most often listed as one of the biggest challenges that people have. Yet, every day we engage in conversations that require us to speak. Are daily conversations really any different than public speaking? How can you get past your fear? How can you make an impact with your speaking? What if you are a heart-centered entrepreneur and are looking to make an impact while improving your presentation revenue results?

Sharing YOUR Story – The Do and The Don’t of Presentation Storytelling

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Yeah!  I absolutely want to help you with this.   I am going to take you INSIDE my programs... and teach you TWO Storytelling Speaking Techniques that are super important to the success of your presentation.   I meet many untrained speakers who believe that opening their  presentation with their story makes total sense.  It