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Big Webinar Mistakes

Big Webinar Mistakes

With the boom of webinars and masterclasses, many have ventured into the virtual speaking platform. It seems easy! Create a topic and a Zoom meeting and invite people to attend. However, for many, they aren’t creating the end results they want, which is to have...

Special Interview with Gloria Rand, Host of 2 Day Internet Marketing Success Summit, and AmondaRose’s Diamond Speaking Goddess Client.

#1 What was your biggest breakthrough that resulted from you hosting your own live event? The biggest breakthrough that I achieved from hosting my own live event was that I could handle all of the logistics (with help), engage with my audience, make my offer, close a...
Fear Busting 101 –  Four Ways to be a Powerful Fear Buster

Fear Busting 101 – Four Ways to be a Powerful Fear Buster

Have you ever had to do something you just didn’t want to do? Was it really hard to get yourself motivated? Would you rather go to the dentist and get a tooth pulled instead? I am pretty sure that all of us have found our self feeling that way at some point in our...

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