Let’s get serious for a minute. Yes, really serious. I have something to tell you that can change your life forever if you are willing to do one thing. It is a very simple empowerment tool; however it is probably the most difficult thing to change about ourselves. Is it impossible to change? Absolutely not! It will take some time and a real commitment on your part.

Here it is. Are you ready? The one thing you need to do is to simply stop telling yourself over and over again what you don’t want to create in your life. The reason is simple. What you are telling yourself about your life is creating exactly what you do or do not want to show up in your life. Think about this for a moment.

Do you tell yourself you are going to be a huge success or do you really believe it is possible for you? Do you long to meet that special someone, however you keep saying to yourself “I probably will be alone forever.” Do you reinforce that you are a money magnet or that you are always broke or just getting by?

Everyday we create our lives and experiences by what we tell ourselves.

And that is true for every area of our life including our business life, our money experiences, our family relationships, our physical appearance and our health.

Here is an example that most people can relate to. We all want to maintain our health and vitality. If a person was to call themselves a fat unhealthy undisciplined slob every time they looked in the mirror, what do you think their actions would be?

Do you think they would be going to the gym? Would they be making healthy choices when it came to their food? Would they ever reach their desired weight?

We all know what the answer is. It is a big “No!” Now imagine the exact opposite situation. Here is a person who tells themselves everyday “I am healthy, lean, strong and fit and all their actions support me being that.”

Would they be more likely to go for a walk or to the gym on a regular basis? How about their food choices? Would they choice more nutritious meals? Most definitely!

Their actions would start to support them being healthy and fit because they started declaring what they want. And therefore it became a reality in their life.

Applying the Winning Inner Dialogue Game principle

Let’s take a minute to see how this principle would work in the Real Estate Investing arena. Imagine someone who tells themselves daily that money and success are hard to come by, and everyone else always seems to find all the great deals.

Would this person even be motivated to really go out and give it their best shot? Would they act in spite of fear? We all know the answer.

Without a doubt the answer would be “No”. This individual would most likely tell themselves to not bother because they will never be a success. And that it is not even worth getting started because it is too hard to find the deals. When the going got tough, this person would just find every reason to give up and quit even before they got started.

Now imagine after reading this article, the same person changed their inner talk. Every time a negative thought came up, they changed it to a positive. For instance, if the old negative thought was “Money is hard to come by” and they replaced it with “Money and new opportunities comes to me easily and effortlessly. I am a money magnet!” That simple act can change their entire real estate investing business forever.

Changing Your Perspective

I love the saying “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” When we replace the negative inner dialogue with a new positive view of things, we ultimately change the way we respond to situations. You can now take actions that you thought might be impossible before. Nothing seems to discourage you or challenge your new belief.

And the best part is that we start to draw to us experiences that support our new positive inner talk. It is amazing when you create a new inner dialogue and use it everyday, unexpected things start to show up. New people come in to your life to support your new beliefs.

Supporting your New Positive Inner Talk

Imagine that you started to declare you are going to be a huge success, however you realized that you needed money to hire a coach or attend a specific seminar to help you become successful. By using this powerful tool of changing your inner dialogue, you may be surprised when the money just shows up unexpectedly or a new deal finds you.

And now you can hire the coach or attend that seminar that you have always wanted to, and ultimately become the successful person you have always deserved to be. This is exactly what has happened to me after I changed my negative inner dialogue.

Numerous times the money has shown up unexpectedly or a new opportunity came my way to provide me with an increased income. I know first hand that it works. Believe me. Changing your inner dialogue really does works and I am here to help you. If you need some help creating some new positive powerful statements to replace that old and self defeating inner dialogue, I will be glad to help.

Are you Ready to Win the Inner Dialogue Game?

Now is your opportunity to change your inner talk and create the life of your dreams. In the past I had a note on my desk that said “I am financially free and living the life of my dreams while I make a positive difference in the lives of others.”

If the negative inner dialogue tries to creep back in, I am prepared and ready. Are you ready to create a new and powerful inner dialogue? If not, when would NOW be a good time to get started?

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