We all have heard the buzz about how AI is making our lives easier with the ability to create articles, emails and smart gadgets, right? 

But here’s the deal – AI isn’t all that great at something really important: writing your presentations. 

And make sure you read all the way to the end for this Huge AI insight! 

Here is why:

1. AI Isn’t You and Will Never Be You

Think about when someone tells you a story that makes you feel something inside – you might laugh, feel emotionally connected or even shed a tear. AI can attempt to put the right words together, but it can’t communicate your feelings…

and AI doesn’t have feelings. Great speeches and signature talks need to connect to the heart and emotions of your audience. You have had a lifetime of experiences to pull from when creating your presentation content. AI hasn’t lived your life and never will be you.

2. It is Missing the Bigger Picture

When speaking online or in person and you tell a joke or share a story, you do it because it fits a moment in your talk. AI doesn’t always get that. It doesn’t know everything happening in the world, so it might say something that doesn’t fit the situation. That’s a big no-no for a speech!

3. Not So Creative… and Rather Boring

The reality is AI is like a robot that’s read the same story a thousand times. It can’t come up with fresh, cool ideas that impact our audiences like we can. Many speakers like using props and slides to create visual impact, which takes human imagination. Extraordinary speeches inspire, transform and engage the audience creatively from opening to closing, which AI Just can’t pull off.  

4. Can’t Handle Surprises

Life throws us curveballs sometimes, right? As speakers, unexpected curve balls can be thrown at us when conference or meeting plans suddenly change. AI can’t rewrite your Signature Talk for you when plans change on the spot. But you can easily shorten, extend, or change a speech section when you create it. We are humans, so we can adjust to what’s happening in the moment, but AI can’t do that for you. 

We can appreciate AI’s help in flushing out ideas for a speech, but let’s remember that nothing beats the warmth and heart that comes from a speaker who knows how to truly connect with any audience! 


Never put your signature talk into an AI generator. The reason is it will be added to the database and reused by the AI. 

And sadly, as of right now (in the U.S. and many other Countries), there is no recourse even for copyrighted materials.

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