What is an Elevator Speech?

     By: AmondaRose Igoe – February 8, 2019 – Posted in: Tips

What is an Elevator Speech? And how can it help you maximize your networking opportunities? Let me share with you one of my favorite communication principles. An elevator speech is also known as an Elevator Pitch and a Networking Introduction.


What is an Elevator Speech and How Can It Help You to Maximize Your Networking Opportunities?

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Let’s start first with why you need one.


Why Do You Need an Elevator Speech?

The first thing you want to know about an elevator speech, it is something that you can deliver in an elevator.

Imagine that you meet someone in an elevator and you’re traveling up a few floors together. You start a conversation, and the person says “What do you do?” Instead of having a clear and concise response, you end up bumbling and stumbling over your words. Not Good.

When you get out of the elevator and say to yourself, “I might have just missed out on a prospective client.” You might even feel like you missed the opportunity of a lifetime. It is very possible that you feel really bad because you might be in need of new business. You realized you missed out and wasted the opportunity.

So, when you hear the term elevator speech, you want to remember it is delivered quickly like you are riding in an elevator and you have a limited amount of time.


How Long is an Elevator Speech?

Second, let’s address, “How long is an elevator pitch?

A typical elevator pitch is delivered at networking meetings, and you have 30 to 60 seconds to deliver your elevator speech.

Imagine you’re at a networking meeting, and everyone stands up to talk about what they do, and this is usually done in front of the entire group. And parts of your elevator speech can also be delivered in one-on-one conversations at networking meetings and social get-togethers.


What Goes Into an Elevator Speech?

Third, let’s talk about important aspects that go into your networking introduction?

When sharing your elevator speech at a networking meeting, you want to make sure that you captivate the audience. You want to get people to pay attention to you because many times people ramble on about their business or who they work for. As a result, everybody tunes them out. So, you want to remember that you want to have a networking introduction that grabs their attention right from the start.


4 Key Elements of an Elevator Speech


#1  Clear and Concise Message in Introduction

In this video article, I also want to talk to you about having a clear and concise message in your introduction. Think about three business benefits, or positive outcomes for your clients, that you can share in your elevator speech, aka your networking introduction.

  • When writing my elevator speech, I like to use alliteration which are words that begin with the same letter.
  • One of the things that I like to say is “You can work with me so I can help you create a clear, concise and compelling message.”
  • I also have included other “C” words like captivate your audience and convert into leads and sales in my elevator pitch when necessary.


#2  Include Your Name and Credibility Statements

Also, when I deliver my network introduction, I always include my name and credibility statements. I will say “I am AmondaRose Igoe, Your Speaking Success Strategist, Award-Winning Speaker Trainer, and Best-Selling Author.”

Did you notice I said “I am” instead of “My name is”? Watch this video to learn the best way to introduce yourself and why it is so important?


YouTube Video: Change the Way You Introduce Yourself Forever


#3  “I Specialize in …”

And then I will add in something like this to my elevator pitch, “I specialize in helping my clients do three things.” I’ve named those three “C” points in the last paragraph. By following my elevator pitch formula, your networking introduction will sound different, intriguing, and clear.


#4  Call to Action

At the end of your elevator speech, you want to have a clear call to action which I talked about in my “Elevator Speech Tips” video and article.


I hope you found this information helpful and I have answered your questions. Remember, your networking introduction it is super crucial to your success.

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