Are you ready to stop playing small?  Would you like to become the professional speaker that you dream about being? Do you want to make a difference in the lives of others?  Would you like your significantly increase your income potential? Read more about AmondaRose’s speaker certification program here.



Professional Public Speaker Certification: Unique, Diverse, Heart-Centered, Purposeful and Profitable

AmondaRose Igoe’s Professional Public Speaker Certification clients are a unique and diverse group of heart-centered and driven business owners, coaches, motivational speakers, entrepreneurs, leaders, teachers and visionaries who have risen to their calling to speak.

When you are ready to become a Certified Professional Public Speaker, you will learn to  take the essential steps to stretch yourself personally and professionally so that you can be be your 100% best as a speaker.  You will receive the necessary knowledge, training and expert feedback  you need to achieve the designation of a Certified Professional Public Speaker under the expert guidance and skill of their coach and trainer AmondaRose Igoe.



Reason #1 – Increase Your Confidence and Credibility

As a certified professional speaker, you will be seen as someone who is committed to being the best of the best.  You earned the certification because you did the high-level and essential speaker training that all the Speaker Pros do.  As a result, others will see you as influential and an industry leader, you will increase your level of speaking and business success and make MORE money in less time. With AmondaRose’s proven speaker methods and systems you’ll have all the confidence and credibility you need to succeed!

Reason #2 – Create Outstanding Presentations that Convert into More Leads, Sales and Bookings

When it comes to speaking and presenting to small and large audiences, many of us feel insecure, fearful, intimidated, uncertain and simply not sure what to do. Your challenges can be that your content isn’t clear and compelling so that people realize they need more of your services.  It could be elements of your delivery style that need to be up-leveled and improved.  It might be that you are doing the data dump, and you are overwhelming your audience with too much information.  It also could be that you aren’t clear how to create and deliver an offer that compels your audience forward and converts in to new business.

If you are currently speaking and  you aren’t monetizing your presentations, or you aren’t getting additional speaking opportunities, you need to change your ineffective approach and be trained as a high-level speaker who makes money!     No matter what your speaking challenges are, you will overcome them and finally have the ability to increase your income potential in this speaker certification program.

Reason # 3 – Expert Speaker Training Programs Live Feedback and Online Group Support

AmondaRose is as committed to your speaking success as you are.  Everyone individual that she certifies first goes through an application process to ensure they are the right fit for the program, and she is the best coach for their needs.  This speaker certification includes live speaker bootcamps, online training and group support and accountability.  There is is a limited number of spots so you won’t get lost in a crowd in this program! Once you are approved, AmondaRose and your other certification group members will be cheering you on all the way as you transform your speaking skills with her step by step speaker templates, learn advanced expert speaking strategies and get the necessary feedback and guidance that stretches and supports you. You’ll be successful personally and financially because you won’t be alone and you will be encouraged and supported all the way as you move forward in achieving your professional speaker certification.

AmondaRose’s proven professional public speaker certification provides all the guidance, knowledge, resources, training and support you desire.  Plus, you will be certified from a top global speaker training and presentation coaching company.

Get expert speaking help and apply now for a 30-minute complimentary 6-Figure Speaker Strategy Session.

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