Invincible Speakers Achieve Global Impact and Visibility

Ready to become an Invincible Speaker?

Private Accelerated Speaking and Business Breakthrough Coaching 

Why you want to become an Invincible Speaker?

Invincible Speaker was created so you can get the tools, inspiration, coaching and accountability you want and need to skyrocket your business revenue and have a global impact. It was designed specifically for speakers, business owners and entrepreneurs, who have a clear vision, however aren’t sure of the exact path they need to take. You are reading this because you want to quickly reach more people, transform your business and create an entirely new level of focus that leverages your time, talents and expertise while increasing your income.

As a speaker and business owner, you know that true success stems from a place of balance, authenticity and showcases your true brilliance so that it fits seamlessly into your true core message. Invincible Speaker delivers a high level of individualized accountability, coaching and support so you can make powerful decisions, take passionate action towards achieving your goals and achieve your vision of success.

If you are selected for the Invincible Speaker program, you will be asked to show up professionally and personally at an entirely new level, because it is essential to achieving what you want. Being open to new ways of thinking and a willingness to move outside of your comfort zones are absolutely necessary to your success in this program. With AmondaRose, “Your Speaking Success Strategist” as your coach, you will be lovingly supported and stretched into your unique brilliance each step of the way.

Invincible Laser Focused Private Coaching Topics may include:

  • Money Breakthrough Secrets for Speakers and Entrepreneurs so you can Make More Money and Keep More of What You Make
  • Customized Business Building Path – Your Step by Step Plan to Skyrocket Your Results
  • Prioritizing Your Income Streams and Quickly Kick Start the Next 90 Days
  • How to Dramatically Increase Your Income with Profitable VIP and Online Programs
  • Easily Move Your Prospective Clients into Paying Clients including Handling Objections with Ease
  • Your Fortune is in the Follow Up – How to Handle Objections with Ease
  • Creating Your “Celebrity Status” Power Bio and Marketing Systems
  • Making More Money with High Impact E-mail Marketing
  • Create Your First Product to Sell Even on a Shoestring Budget
  • Go from Lack Luster Business Relationships into Profitable Partnerships
  • Step by Step How to Effectively Market Your First or Next Workshop or On-line Event
  • Are You a One Person Show? What You Are Losing by Trying to do it All on Your Own!

Invincible Speaker includes AmondaRose’s highly desired business building systems, step by step templates, checklists, forms, accelerated training, plus coaching, accountability and support to help you stay focused and taking action! Your real success starts when you invest in your future now!

Energetic Benefit of Being an Invincible Speaker is that it calls you forward to be YOUR most amazing self, in all areas of your life and business.  Being a Invincible shifts something inside you, acting as a catalyst for you to take your business and your life to a new level of potential and achievement.

To be considered for the Invincible Speaker program, please call 800-610-9056 or click here to send a message now