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Avoid common mistakes the even Smart Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Speakers make when it comes to creating extreme value and high level of credibility with your audience.  Make sure you have this perfect offer in place to ensure your results.

Hey, this is AmondaRose Igoe, Your Speaking Success Strategist, Award Winning Speaking Expert and Best Selling Author! 

I’m going to be sharing with you one of my favorites – “Speak Your Way to More Sales Tips”.  It’s about your free giveaway.

How many times will people include a free gift on their on their website or at the bottom of their emails?  I want to go into a little bit more detail with it as it applies, particularly to speaking, and how it could help you to grow your speaking business and how it could help you speak your way to more sales.

Now, every speaker (whether you want to promote yourself in your story or you have a product or a program to offer) you all need to have a free giveaway.  Now, it could be a free report, it could be free ways to a written document, it could be a free recording, it could be a free check list, a free step by step plan or it could be a free video.  It something that people can get access to through your website or another step at the end of your presentation.

Now, the reason that you need to have that is about building relationship with your audience.  The more they get to know you, the more they get to see the value in what you have to offer, the more they will want to work with you at the end of your presentation or shortly afterwards.

So, you have to create that value!  That’s why that free report is so important (or free video or free gift, whatever you are choosing to give them as a free gift).  It doesn’t need to be super long either.  It can be a one page or two page document, it can be a free eBook, it can be course materials that you’ve already recorded and you want to use that as your free giveaway.  You have the right to offer anything that you want.  You just want to make sure it does something that is super important.  You want to make sure that it solves a problem that your audience wants solved.  You want to make sure that it solves the problem that your audience wants solved!

For example, people will come to me because they have been presenting and they’re not getting the results they want.

I offer a free report on my website called “8 High Performance Speaking Tips that Can Help You Double or Even Triple Your Results!”  So, they want to double and triple their results, they’re not getting the results they want.  So, my report helps them improve their results.  It’s a problem they’re having.

So, maybe you’re in the weight loss industry and you want to create a free report.  Well, maybe your free report is about how to overcome nighttime eating or nighttime snacking that’s adding on 20 pounds a year.  That’s a problem that some people have, and it’s something that people certainly want to solve!

So think about the problem that you going to help them solve, and create that report based on that specific problem, or a series of problems that are very common in your industry with your clients and audiences.

The next thing you want to do with your free gift is you want to make sure that they have instant access to it.  That can be done often through special pages on your website.

I’ll give you myself as an example.  Somebody goes to my website asks for my free gift “8 High Performance Speaking Tips that Can Help You Double or Even Triple Your Results!” then they go ahead and put their name and email address in there automatically my free report shows up for them; and they also get access to it via email as well. 

So, you want to have it be instant access; because if somebody else wants to know more about you as a speaker and what you offer this free report is going to give value.  If it takes hours for them to get it they are going to move on in their mind.

So you want to provide that instant access so that they’re excited and are already seeing value in what you have to offer.

Now, if you’re offering, at the end of your presentation, a free gift, then you want to make sure they get it right away.  Don’t spend a few days later getting that gift to them.  They are excited, they are motivated, and they want it.  Get it to them then!

The next thing you want to make sure that you do is create some kind of follow up.  Now, it’s great, you’ve given away this free report!   What can you do to follow up with them?  Maybe there is a questionnaire you want to send them.  Maybe there is another free gift that you have in store that you want to send them.  Many times people do free video series.  So, there might be three or four series, parts of three or four videos in a series.  So, you could do something like that.  It could be a follow up in addition to the free gift.  So, it might be the next step that they get.  So make sure that you follow up, because you want to continue building that relationship.

They opt in and they go ahead and get the free gift and there is no follow up, nothing!  Then you are missing a golden opportunity to increase your sales, increase your potential product and program sales.

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