Are you wondering how to shoot the best speaker photos and video footage, when presenting at events, conferences or groups? Do you want to maximize your next speaking opportunity with some high impact video segments and photos opportunities? If yes, this article is perfect for you. 

I will be covering what makes a great shot angle, how to find someone to film, where to do the shots and what to do to get the best video footage.

#1 First, get ALL the RIGHT angles.

Whether you are shooting video or desire a powerful speaker image to use in your marketing, you want to get all the angles.

AmondaRose Igoe at her 6-figure irresistible speaking event

These ideal speaker photo and video angles include:

  • Back of you – Yes, this provides a great shot of you presenting, but the focus is really on the audience perspective
  • Side of you – Include both left and right side angles – one angle may provide the better shot because of lighting and things out of your control. And, you might prefer one side shot to the other but shoot both to be certain.
  • Far away – In these shots include the conference logo and/or your information which highlights you, your brand and/or your experience.
  • Distance shot – This is a great shot to create social proof by including you speaking and the back of audience’s heads. Try to make every image look full without empty seats.
  • Straight on Action Shot or Video – These are full body images that showcase you as a speaker and your presentation style. These are the type of photos the media prefers to use so you want to have a few of these.

AmondaRose at her irresistible speaking workshop

Secondly, decide on who is going to take the shots.

  • With today’s technology you have so many great options for video and photos. If you are having a friend take video from a distance, make sure you are using a microphone so the audio quality is crisp and clear.  Ask your friend to sit down on the floor in front of the stage or take a seat in the front row.  As well as, asking them to take pictures from all stage angles.
  • Do you need to hire a pro? Hiring a professional videographer or photographer can be rather pricey.  If you can get really great video quality on your own, have the pro do the video editing only.  The end result of hiring a pro is you will have an edited version that highlights you and your message rather than distracting from it.
  • Ask the event coordinators to have the presentation recorded on video and/or take photos and share it with you. This can be a great promotional and marketing tool for them and for you too as long as you position it as a win-win.

AmondaRose at her 6-Figure Irresistible Speaking Workshop

Thirdly, find the right highlights to use in all your marketing.

  • Get photos of you with other Speakers, VIPs and Audience Members to demonstrate social proof.
  • Collect video testimonials from event coordinators and presentation attendees to highlight why others need to book you as a speaker.
  • Additional video and photography highlights can include the registration table when guests are getting the program and their nametags. And consider taking pictures of the guests listening to your presentations, smiling and clapping which makes an ideal speaker presentation photo.

Need to mention:

  • You need to ensure that the presentation guests signed a media release when they got their name tags or you get their permission in writing or on video film.

Now you know how to maximize your next video and photos at your first or next presentation.  Go get those high impact photo angles and power video footage and use them in all your speaker and business marketing. 

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