There has been lots of information out there about manifestation including how to manifest money, relationships, and careers. Maybe you have watched the movie “The Secret”? If you did, you probably know it was a huge hit! All over the world, people were learning how to manifest what they wanted.

If manifestation is new to you, check out for some great teachings and resources on manifesting what you want in your life.

That’s all wonderful! However, no one except me, AmondaRose, is talking about how to manifest your speaking goals, intentions, and dreams.


I am ready to teach you all you need to know. Before we begin, let me ask you this:

  1. Do you have a real passion for your presentation topic?
  2. Do you have a burning desire to get your message out to others?
  3. Do you have such a strong commitment to changing lives, that you will do anything to overcome your fear?

If you said yes, then this is for you, and together we will get you to be the best public speaker you can be.

Before you put the time and energy into manifesting your public speaking goals, I mentioned before you must have a burning desire. Otherwise, all your manifestation efforts would be useless.


What is a burning desire?

Burning definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

  1. If you have a burning interest in something or a burning desire to do something, you are extremely interested in it or want to do it very much. I had a burning ambition to become a journalist.
  2. adjective [ADJ n] A burning issue or question is a very important or urgent one that people feel very strongly about.

You can’t fake a burning desire because if you are not passionate about what you’re talking about, your audience will sense it, and they won’t connect with you and want to listen to you and your presentation.


You need to love your presentation topic! You need to be so passionate that your enthusiasm rubs off on everyone around you.

You can’t fake it or make it burning desire. If you think you can fool your audience, then public speaking is not for you. Your audience needs to experience your undeniable passion and commitment for your presentation topic.

Now that you are clear that you need a burning desire, I suggest you keep reading to learn how to manifest your desired speaking goals and results.


The Next Part on How to Manifest Your Public Speaking Results is Visualizing!

Visualizing is important! I am speaking from experience.

I have visualized my business growth, my live event attendance, wowing the audience and so much more. As a result, my speaking desires have shown up quicker and faster than I could have ever imagined.


Your Manifestation Process

Let’s begin the manifestations process focusing on what you need to do.

Begin by finding a comfortable chair where you won’t be disturbed. Sit down in the chair and relax. Take a breath and feel centered. Do that a few more times and begin the visualization process listed below.

To start visualizing close your eyes and imagine:

#1 The location

  • Where are you?
  • What does the room look like?
  • Is it a corporate event or an auditorium?
  • Is it a big or small room?

#2 The audience

  • How many people are there?
  • Who is there?
  • Why are they happy to be there?

#3 Your presentation

  • Were they hanging onto their seats listening to you?
  • Were they eagerly taking notes?<
  • Were they shaking their heads in agreement?

4. Your closing

  • Did they give you a standing ovation?
  • Did they express their gratitude for being there?
  • What positive things were they saying afterward?

You need to see it, feel it and touch it just as if you were there. There are times I have visualized things so clearly that it made me cry because it feels so real. You need to feel emotionally connected to the outcome that you are seeing. Visualizing is what many athletes do to win the game. They visualized it before it happened.

They see themselves with the winning shot or the touchdown before the game. It becomes second nature to them because they have already done it in their minds over and over. These tips will set your mind to becoming the best public speaker you can be. Olympians practice visualization too. To learn more about sports performance and visualization check out this article in the NY Times:

To create your speaking goals, desires and intentions by manifesting, make a daily commitment for a minimum of 5 minutes. Watch for the positive changes and being grateful for every positive shift you experience.

AmondaRose, Empowered Speaker Event

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