Do you want to know how to create an event on LinkedIn?


You are in the right place because I’m going to show you exactly what you need to to do so you know.

  • How to create an event on LinkedIn
  • How to post your event on LinkedIn,
  • and How to promote your event on LinkedIn.

(IMPORTANT) For more details and step-by-step video instruction and examples, please watch the video below.

Let’s get started on how to create an event on LinkedIn:

  1. Go to your LinkedIn home page.
  2. Scroll down on the left-hand side of your page.
  3. Look for the Events +
  4. Click on the Events +
  5. A pop up will appear. Input your LinkedIn Events information such as adding an event banner, event image, event name, location, venue details, date, time, description, and a registration link.  You can also indicate if your LinkedIn event is public or private.
  6. Once you have that all setup, you will want to share it. You can click on the share button and share your LinkedIn event in the news feed, in a private message, and even on Facebook and Twitter.
  7. You can also invite your LinkedIn connections by clicking on the invite button.
  8. When you click on the invite button, you can determine the connections you would like to invite by utilizing the criteria such as location and industry. For example, my 6-Figure Empowered Speaker Event for Women is in Stuart, FL.  Even though I have women attending my events from all over the world, I could limit my event invites to specific locations in Florida, such as West Palm Beach, FL, Orlando, FL, Miami, FL, and so on.  I could also select specific industries such as Professional Training and Coaching, Financial Services, Real Estate, Marketing and Advertising and Health, Wellness and Fitness.
  9. Once you have narrowed down your invites, click on invite, and LinkedIn will invite those connections to your event. Your invitation will show up in their connection requests where they can click on “ignore” or “accept.”
  10. Those that have accepted your invite will show up on your LinkedIn event page. Now it doesn’t mean they’re going to come just because they accepted your invite. You do have to follow up with a private message and to see if they need more information on the event, or would like the registration link to register.

Thanks to the special video training, and my 10 LinkedIn Event steps, you can now know how to create an event on LinkedIn, how to post an event on LinkedIn, and how to promote an event page on LinkedIn.



As a speaker, you will want to utilize LinkedIn events to grow your reach, revenue and results as a speaker. If you’re speaking and the event is open to the public, you could create your own LinkedIn event and invite your connections.

Keep in mind that you do want to have permission for the organizer to create the LinkedIn event and to share it with your contacts. If your presentation is open to the public, the organizer will want as many people there as possible, and so do you!

LinkedIn is a great place to promote your speaker and business services when you know how to utilize LinkedIn events and to list your speaking engagements.


Now is the time to get your LinkedIn events going so you can promote your in-person and online events and training, and any speaking opportunities that you’ve booked that are open to the public.

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