Do you feel destined to be in the SPOTLIGHT, however you feel like something or someone maybe holding you back?

Are you clear that you are meant to be an INSPIRATION to others so you can finally have the IMPACT, INFLUENCE and INCOME you always desired?

Are you ready to move into HIGH IMPACT VISIBILITY and let go of what is standing in your way and keeping you stuck?

If you said “YES!” to any or all of the questions, “Congratulations! You are in the right place.”  High Impact Visibility is about getting out there in a big way for the purpose of having a positive impact on the lives of others.  Because I have been super stuck in this way, I knew I had to share what helped me so that others can start to get the help they need too!

In order to move into a new level of High Impact Visibility with ease and confidence, you need to take a close look at what has been standing in your way and keeping you stuck.  That is exactly what I did!

To help you, I am going to share some of the things that I have learned and implemented that changed my life and my willingness to be really visible.  These 3 things stopped the need to be hiding out. 

# 1 – Be “U”nique

When you want to get noticed and become more visible, you have to be willing to stand out in some way whether it is your message and/or your appearance.  You need to be unique. When done well, it will help you get noticed.  

If you always do what everyone else is doing, it will not grab anyone’s attention.  You have to be willing to say “NOTICE ME!” I am not saying you need to wear pink hair or do some crazy antic on YouTube, if that isn’t you.  

You just need to be willing to be unique in some way that gets you noticed such as the way that you inspire others, maybe you start by having a memorable name or calling yourself something like The ______ Goddess. (Yes, they both worked for me!) If you make any changes, it must be in a way that makes you feel really good.  

Bottom line # 1 to achieve High Impact Visibility:  Expressing your uniqueness is a great way to step into the spotlight. However, please make sure it gets you noticed in a good way, feels good to you and projects an image you won’t regret years from now. 

# 2 – Everybody isn’t going to…

This was a difficult and long lesson for me to learn.  You maybe dealing with the “I want everyone to love me syndrome” like I was.  The reality is that “Everybody isn’t going to love me or you!”  Yep, that is the hard truth.   If you are like me and you want everyone to love you, you are going to have to realize this is never going to happen all the time.  Not because you aren’t amazing and totally awesome.  Just like some people prefer vanilla to chocolate, nothing resonates with everyone including chocolate.  Sometimes the reason not everyone is going to love you might be related to some belief system they have about something that is totally unrelated. It might be as simple as maybe you have red hair and they had a really bad break up with a red head, therefore they think all red heads are bad.  (Crazy! Yes, this stuff can happen.) Maybe you make more money than they do, and instead of being inspired, they became envious and wrote a nasty social media post about you because they are feeling bad about themselves. (Yes, those things happen too!)  Even Oprah Winfrey has haters which she calls “Twitter Thugs”.     Bottom line # 2 to achieve High Impact Visibility: You are just going to have to get over the “I want everyone to love/like me syndrome” and put your energy into focusing on those who will resonate with you and love you.  Stop wasting your precious time and energy on those that won’t. That is exactly what I do and it works 🙂 

# 3 – Pain of…

The Pain of Regrets happens when you say “No” to life and to new opportunities.  It is when you wanted to say “Yes”, however fear or doubt got the best of you.  Are you living with the pain of regrets? Do you say to yourself all the time “Maybe I should have done that?” Or “Where would I be if I had gone to..?” Or “Did I just pass up on the opportunity of a life time?” If helping others in a big way is part of your life purpose, you really don’t have a choice except to move through the pain and discomfort of the unknown, unless you want to leave this earth without having the high impact that you had dreamed about. Not an option?  I thought so.   Even though High Impact Visibility will stretch you out of your comfort zones and helps you grow, it ultimately leaves you with the feeling of satisfaction for doing your very best when you really wanted to quit, hide or stop. When you are willing to step into the spotlight, you grow and become more confident, powerful and satisfied with your life.   Bottom line # 3 to achieve High Impact Visibility:  It is time to commit to saying “Yes” to being truly visible and watch what happens.  Opportunities will start showing up.   It is utterly amazing!  Be willing to move past your visibility fears and your need to do it perfectly.  Get going now! Welcome to the world of UNSTOPPABLE High Impact Visibility!  

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