You may have the intention to create speaking opportunities.

But how do you know if they are the right speaking opportunities for you?

Let’s talk about three signs that will help you determine if the opportunity is the right fit you have been looking for.


1 – Their speaker needs match your level of expertise

When you are speaking to your ideal audience, it will bring out your best as a speaker! And your presentation goals will match their goals.

So, when they ask you to speak about a topic that isn’t in your wheelhouse, you might want to stop and think about it before saying “YES!”

You want to be known as a thought leader in your expertise rather than someone who speaks about everything, so you may want to pass on presentation opportunities outside of what you normally speak on.

The other option is to offer them another topic in your wheelhouse that you can present on.

If they say yes, this is a clear sign that you will be speaking to the right group!


2 – They place a high value on the work you do

Do they treat you like “just another speaker,” or do they see you as essential to their event or program success?

Speaking should create a win-win-win: a win for the group that booked you, a win for you as a speaker and a win for the audience who gets to hear your empowering message.

Every speaking opportunity you book should feel good! When you are booked to speak, you want to know that the group puts a high value on your expertise and you aren’t just another speaker.

If they disrespect you in any way and it isn’t something you feel you can work through, they are not your ideal speaking opportunity. This is a good reason to have a cancellation clause in your speaker contract.


3 – They’re happy to give you a positive review and refer you 


Finally, referrals are one of the quickest ways to get more speaking opportunities. It can open up the floodgates of speaking gigs when you do a great job as a speaker.

When you are prepared and professional, and the audience loved you as a speaker, you can ask for referrals.

Now, think about a past presentation you have given. Did you ask for referrals?

If not, could you do that now and take advantage of this great opportunity?

Now, if you don’t have any speaking opportunities you can contact…

It’s time for you to go out there and find new audiences to serve and share your talk!



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