You might be wondering why your presentation sales haven’t been as good as you thought. It literally could be as simple as learning what I am about to share with you in 3 Common Words to Avoid During a Sales Presentation.

# 1 – Avoid “Sign Up”

– Think about this. Do you feel compelled to make a purchase when the person says “Sign up here.” Those three words make it feel like you are going to the local dollar store and they want you to be on their e-mail list. There is nothing appealing about those words at all. You can easily replace “Sign Up” with words like “Register” and even “Apply” works when it is appropriate. Simply put, these words are way more inviting!

# 2 – Avoid “Buy”

– If you are sales savvy, you know that people buy mostly based on emotion and minimally based on logic. The word “Buy” speaks more to the logic based buying decisions. When speaking to a live audience replace “Buy” with “Invest” such as “Invest in your Business…” or “Invest in your Future with…” and “Invest in Yourself with…”. If you are asking people to take out their credit cards and buy something from you, doesn’t the word “Invest” sound much more enticing!

# 3 – Avoid the word “Don’t” as in “I don’t know”.

– Never ever openly admit that you don’t’ know the answer to a question when it relates to your expertise. Saying “I don’t’ know” instantly impacts your audiences view point of you. A simple fix to the I don’t know audience response is to say: “I will do some research and get back to you.” Now, you look like the true expert you are.

These 3 simple and powerful words to avoid are easy to change and apply my solutions in your sales presentation. Commit the changes to memory and use them the next time you are presenting.

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