Get the Help You Need Clarifying, Creating and Writing Your Speech or Presentation Content…

including all TYPES of presentations such as keynotes, motivational speeches, signature presentations, webinars, workshops, interviews and online training programs.

Do you want to clarifying your message and easily create a presentation or training… and do it in record time

Are you struggling with knowing what to include and what not to include in your content to ensure you “Wow” the participants?

Do you have a wealth of information to share, however, are you missing the right presentation steps that you can execute to perfection?

Are you wanting to host your first LIVE EVENT, CONFERENCE or WEBINAR and aren’t sure where to begin with the content?

Are you eager for someone to make it easy for you and help you design, develop and write your content with you?


You are in the right place! For over a decade I have helped my clients, from around the globe, quickly and easily write and develop authentic, heart-centered and compelling content for a vast assortment of writing projects, from short speeches to multi-day live events to extensive web based training programs.

I am not writing the content without you. I utilize my presentation writing abilities and speaking expertise and writing the content with YOU!  Consider it a co-creative process that takes the power of what you have to share, gets rid of the excess information and transforms YOUR content into a presentation masterpiece.   That is where the magic really happens and the outcome is simply powerful.


What sets me apart from other presentation experts and speaking consultants? Two words: WRITING SKILLS


When I work with you to write your presentation content, you will quickly discover I have a unique ability to get into the mind and heart of your audience or program participants so they are fully engaged during your presentation.  Ultimately, you will be able to present with a new sense of ease and confidence while you get the outstanding results you truly desire.

When you are done working with me your compelling content will be fully written – from opening to closing – for whatever type of presentation you need help with.  My ultimate goal is that you feel extremely confident and excited about presenting your upcoming training program and your participants rave about you for years to come.

If you are just at the beginning or have started your presentation, I can help you outline, write and effectively deliver your newly created dynamic content. No matter where you are in the process and no matter what type of presentation or training content, you have the right coach to help you. My areas of content writing expertise include:

  • On-line Training Products and Programs
  • Signature Presentations
  • Half Day to Full Day Workshops
  • Multi-Day Live Events
  • Webinars
  • Tele-seminars
  • Virtual Audio Products and Programs
  • Sharing Your Personal Story
  • Media Interviews
  • YouTube Videos


One of the most distinctive features about me, “Your Speaking Success Strategist”, is that I am one of the very few speaking training and presentation coaches that is a GIFTED Compelling Content Writer.

What that means to you is that in a few hours, I will help you actually write your entire presentation content from short speeches to extensive on-line training programs to multi-day live event content. You will walk away with your entire presentation project done to perfection!

My clients’ rave about my writing abilities. Several of my clients have even called her a GIFTED GENIUS when it comes to her content writing abilities and turning their knowledge, ideas and information into content magic.

Unlike a Ghost Writer who takes your ideas and writes your book without you, I work directly with you to co-create your content virtually using Google Docs. This allows you and she to work together simultaneously on your presentation content or training program.

This is essential to your success because the final project needs to be written in a way that follows your natural communication style, highlights the knowledge you have inside of you and needs to be something you can feel truly proud of sharing with an audience or on-line training participants.

Any compelling content that I write directly comes from your vision, your knowledge and your experience(s). The beauty of working with me as your coach is that  AmondaRose it is a co-creative process so I will be  working with you all the way in a seamless and easy way that ALWAYS creates compelling content that ensures you SHINE.


Your Next Step

If you are struggling to write any type of presentation content from on-line training programs, webinars, live events, workshops or your signature presentation, your next step is simple.  Call my office toll free at (800) 610-9056 or click here to contact us via the web to create a perfect plan for your next steps so you can get the help you need and quickly end the confusion and overwhelm you maybe feeling right now.




Get expert speaking help and apply now for a 30-minute complimentary 6-Figure Speaker Strategy Session.

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