How to Make Money as a Speaker – Interview with Dr. Joe White

     By: AmondaRose Igoe – June 7, 2018 – Posted in: Video

Struggling to make money as a speaker? Not sure what to do to monetize your presentation opportunities? Watch this amazing interview with AmondaRose Igoe and Dr. Joe White.

Dr. Joe White is a dynamic public speaker whose speeches inspire, educate and motivate his audiences. He shares power-packed business and peak performance strategies that he learned over the course of his 20 years as an entrepreneur, executive, consultant and coach. Dr. White is the CEO of The DRJ Group LLC, a consulting and information marketing company focused on helping entrepreneurs, real estate investors and speakers build sustainable profitable businesses. He has launched multiple franchise companies and mental health service companies, and turned them into multi-million dollar entities. He has served on the board of the publicly traded Benaiah Capital Partners, lending his expertise to the small venture capital firm by helping with strategic planning for everything from real estate projects and movies, to NBC’s daytime Emmy award-winning television show, “Give,” which stars Blair Underwood and Jenna Bush. Dr. White also served as North Carolina director for CEO Space International, Forbes and Inc. Magazine’s #1 ranked business conference in the world, where he helped small, medium and large businesses attain hyper-growth. Along with his successes in business and life, he has a prestigious list of clients he’s worked, including celebrities, sports legends and hundreds of real estate investing students across the US and Canada. He co-wrote the best-selling book “Concrete Jungle: Survival Secrets for the Real World,” along with Bob Proctor, Mark Leader and Steve Rizzo. Dr. White also boasts a series of online courses focused on key business areas like product creation, real estate investing and entrepreneur peak performance.

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