Do you ever feel like booking speaking engagements is like throwing spaghetti at the wall? 

You pitch, and pitch, and pitch…

Only to get a “thank you, maybe next time” response.

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…what if you had the inside track?

If you want to book more speaking gigs, you have got to know a few key things – 3 things to be exact.


1. Be Proactive

Figure out who your industry leaders are…and follow them on social media. Yes, I’m telling you to (politely) stalk them – look at the conferences they’re attending and do a quick Google to find out more about those events.

For bonus points, scroll all the way to the bottom of that Google Results Page and you’ll see “Searches related to…”

You can use those suggestions to help you find similar events and conferences. Once you’ve got your “punch list” start looking at speaker requirements, budget, and apply.

2. Take a BIG Leap

Worried you’re not “big enough” to get noticed?

Find out who the speaker coordinator is for that event that you’re dreaming about and reach out in a unique way – send a card a’la snail mail, record your pitch on video, or connect with them on a call. Sometimes the biggest leap is the one worth taking.

And, when you do speak at an event, be sure to network – speak to the event coordinator, speaker coordinator, other speakers… build those relationships because you never know who will recommend you for that next big gig.

3. Say YES When the Opportunity Presents Itself

I’m not a fan of applying for every single conference that could be a fit for you – but I am a fan of applying for speaking engagements that will not only allow you to pitch from stage (so that you can generate revenue), but also allow you to hone your craft.

Not every event will let you do this, so it’s important to know whether or not you’ll be compensated and/or allowed to pitch before you submit your application.

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