Get ready to stimulate sales! Today we’re going to be talking about mistakes to avoid to skyrocket your sales presentation results so you can improve your sales results.

I am AmondaRose Igoe, and I specialize in speaking your way to more sales. Today we’re going to be talking about three common words to avoid when doing a sales presentation.

They’re simple and they are powerful, and if you use the words they’ll absolutely hinder your results.

So let’s get started!

1. Don’t use the words “Sign up”

The first one is “sign up”. Do you ever want to sign up for something?? How does it feel when somebody says to you ‘oh, sign up for a program today!’ Or ‘sign up for newsletter’.  Does that feel inviting?? Nah!

People don’t like it! It doesn’t make people feel warm and comfortable. And sales are made mostly primarily on emotion, so you want people to feel comfortable and at ease with you.

So get rid of “sign up” and replace it with “register” or “apply”, if you’re applying for something.

So, ‘would you like to register for our program?’ Doesn’t that feel much better than do ‘you want to sign up for our program?’

And this somebody needs to apply for something, maybe they need to apply for a coaching program, then you can use the word “apply” instead of “sign up” for a coaching program, as well as “register” to stimulate sales.

2. Don’t use the word “buy”

The next word that you want to avoid is “buy”.

Now, as I mentioned before, people purchase on emotion. The word “buy” doesn’t have that emotional aspect of it, so replace the word with “invest”.

Now, this is something that I read a few years ago and it has been life transformational for me and my client results.

So the reason you want to use the word “invest” instead of “buy” is because if you are investing in something they are putting their money out there to utilize your services, then it’s an investment.

It’s an investment in their future, it’s an investment in their home or their business, it’s an investment in their health… whatever your services are about.

Change the word from buy to invest. ‘Would you like to Invest in your future?’ ‘Would you like to invest in your health?’ Versus ‘would you like to buy our program?’

Because ‘buy our program’ is all about you. ‘Invest’ is all about them.  So replace the word ‘buy’ with ‘invest’ to stimulate sales.

3. Don’t use the word “don’t”

Number 3, the final one is the word “don’t” as in ‘I don’t know’.

You might get asked a question that you don’t know the answer, and most people would just say ‘well, I don’t know!’

Does that really come across in a way that you want? No! Does that say to the prospective client that you’ve got your stuff together? No.

So, here’s a simple way that you can change the words ‘I don’t know’ into something more powerful. Instead of saying ‘I don’t know’ say ‘let me do a little research. Let me look into that for you. Let me get back to you on that’. That sounds way more professional than saying ‘I don’t know’.

So remember to replace ‘I don’t know’ with something like ‘let me get back to you on that’ Or ‘let me do a little research, let’s set a date and we can talk a little more about that’. Way more powerful than ‘I don’t know’!

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Have a great day!  And thanks for giving me the opportunity to help you speak your way to more sales today!

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