What is the number 1 question to handle resistance to your ideas?  Well, first let me tell you why we need this question.  The question is going to help you handle all types of resistance!

You could be presenting to an audience and a person in the audience could be giving you a hard time.  How do you get through to that person?

Maybe you’re dealing with a difficult person in your career.  Maybe it’s a coworker, maybe it’s a team member, and it also works with significant others too.

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Are you open?

The question is simply: ‘Are you open?’ And it works like MAGIC!

Now if your’e feeling like someone is being resistant to the information that you’re sharing with them or a different perspective that you want to share with them, you simply say to them: ‘Are you open to a different perspective?’ ‘Are you open to doing it a different way?’ ‘Are you open to maybe trying it in a new way?’

There are many ways you can phrase that question, but it all starts with ‘are you open?’

Asking this question to your audience

And what happens is when you ask a person ‘are you open?’ they will often respond with a ‘yes’.   Not an enthusiastic ‘yes’, mostly it’s like ‘yeah, ok’, but they say yes anyway and that is what matters.

Sometimes you will get a ‘no’ but the no’s are even better, they are even cooler, because often, when you ask somebody ‘are you open to hearing a new perspective?’ or ‘are you open to doing it a different way?’, ‘are you open to trying something new?’ they often might mumble, they might make some noise, but they often come back with a yes, even if they initially say no.

I’ve got to tell you, I’ve been married for a long time and this works every single time.  My husband knows it too, and he’ll come back to me and say “Honey, are you open to trying it a different way?” and I go “OK, I will”.  So, it works in personal relationships too.

This will handle resistance to your ideas

Remember, anytime you’re meeting any resistance, whether you’re speaking to an audience, or a potential client, or in a personal relationship, just ask that question ‘are you open?’ and then follow it up with the term that works best in that situation such as ‘are you open to trying something new?’, ‘are you open to a different perspective?’  And you will always get that yes at some point.  But remember, you got to ask the question first to open up their minds to what is possible and how you can help them further.

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