One of my clients asked an interesting question the other day…

And today, I want to share my answer to that burning question.

First, here’s some context:

Julie just got a big opportunity to speak at a large conference.

She had dreamed about a moment like this, and now it was coming true!

Julie wasn’t clear about how much she could charge for this speaking engagement…

and she didn’t want to make a mistake since this was so important to her, and could lead to many others speaking opportunities.

Let me share with you what I told Julie.


“An important step in finalizing this speaking engagement was negotiating how much you could charge for your presentation.
It is super common for event organizers to ask, “What are your speaking fees?”


I shared with Julie that you never want to answer this question before you ask them a question.  If you answer first, you might end up undercharging for your speaking services.

And you might miss out on a higher speaking fee because you don’t have enough information to go by.

I told Julie that you want to first find out all the important details about this speaking engagement, so you have a clear picture of your time commitment and other specifics.

  • How much time will you be spending at this event?  
  • Are there other meetings to attend, such as a cocktail party or a post-networking event? 
  • Can you make an offer at the end of the presentation?
  • (If yes, Julie can generate lots of leads since I helped her create an Irresistible Signature Talk.

Once Julie has all the important details…

She will want to find out what their budget is for speakers

Yes, find out their budget is first.

How can you smoothly ask about how much they pay speakers?

Here’s my answer:

I told Julie to ask the event organizer this very important question.


What is your budget for speakers?


Now, this will ensure that Julie gets paid the highest amount for speaking instead of potentially undervaluing her speaking services.

And if the event organizer says a really low speaker budget, and she can’t make an offer to the audience, Julie will save her precious time and can move on to a bigger and better speaking engagement opportunities.

No speaker in their right mind would want to get paid less, right?

So, make sure you ask this important question.

And get the speaker fee you desire and deserve.


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