As “The Speaking Goddess” people are always asking me why I don’t use Power Point Slides. My answer may totally shock you and cause you to completely alter what you have been doing!

Ask yourself this question “Is Power Point Killing My Presentation Results?” and continue reading because you might be surprised by what I have to share with you.

I used to use Power Point slides at all my LIVE in Person Presentations, until I learned this valuable lesson from one of the past coaches and trainers from Peak Potentials.

What he shared with me, may shock you as much as it did me. And I had to take it seriously. At the time they were incredibly successful; hosting events with thousand in attendance and never used a Power Point slide. They must be doing something right!

The Peak Potentials trainer told me:

Every time you click on the next Power Point slide you are disconnecting yourself from the audience.”

Followed by “Every time you bring up a new slide and the audience looks at that slide, they are no longer focused on you!

Wow! I quickly realized he was totally right. I had to start changing what I was doing if I was going to get results like they were getting. You do too!

You maybe feeling some resistance like I was, however my thought process for you is this:

If you wanted to hide behind your slides, than using Power Point slides might make sense. However, if you want to increase the results for you and your audience, it makes zero sense.

Imagine if you used 30 slides during your presentation, that is 30 times you momentarily disconnected from the audience. And that is 30 times the audience focused on the slides instead of what you were saying.

Pretty powerful, isn’t it.

So why would you ever use Power Point slides?

I rarely do! However, it does make sense on a rare occasion.

Check out my article AmondaRose Shares Her Sizzling Power Point Truths, to learn the ONLY two reasons you should ever use Power Point Slides.

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