Do you have a personal story to share that others need to hear? A life changing experience that will inspire, influence and impact others in a positive way?  

Yeah!  I absolutely want to help you with this.  

I am going to take you INSIDE my programs

and teach you TWO Storytelling Speaking Techniques that
are super important to the success of your presentation.  


# 1 – DON’T Start Your Presentation with Your Personal Story

I meet many untrained speakers who believe that opening their 
presentation with their story makes total sense.  It may seem really
harmless on the surface, but it isn’t.  

Here is why you want to avoid doing this.  

Your presentation opening should be focused on what the audience
needs such as how your presentation is going to help them make a
positive change.  

Sharing your story as the opening becomes all about you and never 
says to the audience “Here is why you need to be listening and
learning from me today.”  

You want to open with something that gets the audience thinking
“I am so glad I am here today.  I really needed this.” Or “This is
perfect for me! This is going to really help me deal with ____.” 


# 2 – DO Ask for Permission First

Just before you share your story, you want to set the stage so that
your audience is eager to hear your story.  

You can accomplish that by asking the audience “May I share why
I am so passionate about helping you today?”

When you do that your audience will always say “Yes!” and now they are eagerly anticipating your story, especially how your 
experience is going to help them transform their lives. 

=> Those are just two “Stand Out Signature Story” strategies.  
Imagine what will happen when you have my Accelerated

It will be an OMG moment! 

* Are you open to getting help to share your story in a
Bigger and Bolder way?   

Speaking is an incredible and profitable way to do that!  

Once you know how to share you story, you will deeply connect with your audience, attract CONSISTENT clients and generate more referrals, even if you aren’t sure you have a story to tell.

That is why I can’t wait to help you utilize the power of your personal story to have a greater impact and change more lives.  All you need to do is simply see if you qualify for a Strategy Session today.   

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Success is Your Destiny!



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