# 1 –   Can you help me create a speech for an upcoming presentation?

Absolutely! When you work with me, we will co-create and craft your entire presentation from your “Grab Their Attention Opening” to your “Take Action Now Closing” using my advanced presentation strategies and signature presentation template system.

My VIP Clients love this program because I have developed amazing “presentation content” writing abilities, which allows me to quickly and easily help you develop your content to ensure that your audience will absolutely love your speech.

It all comes together perfectly, because by the end of your VIP Coaching time with me, you will walk away with an incredible and fully completed presentation – no matter what your presentation topic is.

Plus, after we are done creating your presentation, you will have a highly detailed presentation template that you can seamlessly use over and over again. It works for all types of presentations whether you are presenting for 10 minutes to hosting your own full day live events. You will be able to use this powerful step-by-step template for every presentation you do in the future.

Discover the power of AmondaRose’s “Create Your Signature Presentation that Sells” VIP Coaching Intensive at:


# 2 – I want to get paid for speaking professionally and learn how to book speaking gigs. Can you help me learn about the speaking industry and how I can start booking speaking opportunities?

That is an awesome question! Yes, I can certainly help you do that. I am not a booking agent, however I have a step-by-step system for helping my clients get booked, whether they are brand new to speaking or have been speaking for some time.

Some business owners and entrepreneurs believe if they just put speaker on their business card and their website, that the speaking opportunities will easily show up. The reality is mostly like they won’t. Just like anything that is worth achieving you will need to build a strong foundation to effectively market yourself as a speaker and that is the reason why, I teach a step-by-step system for helping my clients get booked for conferences, group trainings and virtual summits.

Here are 2 great options for you to learn how to book speaking opportunities now:

Option # 1 –


Option # 2 –

# 3 – I want to be able to host my own successful live events such as workshops, webinars and group programs… can you help me with those things?

I have hosted my own live events for over a decade so I know what it takes to create profitable live events. To help you succeed, I have taken my priceless live event system and I am now teaching the exact steps to my clients so they too can create their very own Wealthy Workshops and Lucrative Live Events.

Let me show you how you can easily create your very own Wealthy Workshops and Lucrative Live Events at:


# 4 – As a female speaking expert, do you work with women and men?

Yes! I love working with my male clients as much as I do my female clients. My VIP Clients who decide to work with me aren’t looking to deliver a “in your face” aggressive sales presentation. They want something more aligned for themselves and their audience.

Ultimately, my male and female clients choose to invest in themselves through my programs because they want to connect with the audience on an emotional level, provide engaging content and utilize my accelerated speaking techniques that help them have the impact, influence and income they desire with speaking.

Plus, no matter where you live, I can help you. I work with clients all over the world through my Virtual Speaking Coaching program. You can learn more by simply visiting this link now at:


# 5 – Can you help me overcome my public speaking fear?

My public speaking coaching focuses on teaching my clients advanced presentation techniques, which does include showing them how to overcome their fear – if that is a challenge for them.

I have a secret for you…

Overcoming your fear is way easier than you think when you decide to get my help.

First, when you work with me, you need to have the willingness to say good-bye to your public speaking fear and realize it is time to stop it from standing in the way of your success.

Secondly, you need to learn how to effectively present based on a clear plan and a system that will build your confidence, show you exactly what to do and increase your abilities.

Finally, I always teach my VIP clients, who are dealing with public speaking fear, a secret technique that will eliminate their fear and/or anxiety as quickly as they can snap their fingers. (It’s my secret technique! Other speaking coaches don’t have a clue about this special technique.) And when you do this secret technique, it works every time so you can present with a new level of ease and confidence!  

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