One of the most common questions people ask me is…“Should I include a Question and Answer (Q & A) section in my next presentation?” My response is always “It depends on your specific presentation.”

How do you know if Q & A is right for your presentation or not? To help you, I thought I would share the Pros and Cons of “Q & A” so that it would make it really easy for you determine what would work best for you and your specific speech.


* Can be great if you answer the question effectively and stay in total control. When you do that your credibility goes UP.

* Can be an effective tool if you are wanting your audience to take out their credit cards on the spot. Using Q & A after your offer would be a great time for them to ask specific questions about your program, product or service.

* Can be helpful if someone in your audience does have a challenge with the information you shared or is confused in anyway. This would be a great time to address their challenges. If one person maybe unclear, someone else might have the same or similar question.

* If you are a coach or work with people privately, Q & A can showcase your “one on one” personal skills when you do it well. This way they get to see how you might coach or consult with them during your private sessions.


* Doesn’t work well if you answer the question ineffectively and stumble in any way. As a result, your credibility goes DOWN.

* Can hinder your presentation because you never know what someone is going to ask you or say. Imagine a past client is in the audience and they say something like “I tried xxxx product before and it didn’t really work.” It is really hard to rebound from that one and build your audience’s confidence again!

* It can take you completely off your track and impact your time line if you are including Q & A throughout your entire presentation.

* When you open your presentation to questions, you might get none, two or twenty. You need to be ready to handle any amount – whether no one asks a question or you have lots of questions being asked – because each one has it own unique set of challenges and course of action.


There is really an art to handling Q & A like a pro. You have to choose what will work best for you and your specific presentation, being aware of the potential challenges and your desired outcome.

When I work with my VIP clients helping them craft their Signature Presentation, we choose what is going to be the best for them based on their presentation content, how long they are presenting for and their specific abilities.

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I found this great article by Stephen E. Lucas called Answering Audience Questions if you do decided to use Q&A in your Presentation.  I thought you might want to read this too. You can check it out at:

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