Have you ever had to deal with a TRICKY LAST MINUTE PRESENTATION? Unexpected toast?  Uncomfortable off the cuff speech?  Unplanned question. Yes, the dreaded IMPROMPTU speech!

You are not alone!  I created this short video with 3 Easy Steps YOU need to implement during these undesired and unexpected presentation situations.

Have you Ever had to Deliver a Presentation on the Fly?

That’s typically called the “impromptu presentation”, where you’re totally caught off guard. Somebody says to you ‘Hey, can you stand up and talk about this?’ Or maybe you’re at a wedding and they want you to give a last minute toast, and your just like ‘Oh no, I didn’t have time to prepare for this!’ What am I going to do?’ Well, I’m going give you the perfect scenario to handle these tricky last minute presentation situations.

Watch this short video training  and NEVER GET CAUGHT OFF GUARD again!  

3 Easy Steps to Structure your Presentation

It’s a 3 easy step process that you can follow; and what it will do is add structure to your presentation. It will help you avoid what happens when people often deliver those last minute talks. They ramble on, they get stuck, they say a lot of “ahs” and “ums” and they end up being embarrassed when they are done. So to make sure that it doesn’t happen to you, I’m going to share with you 3 easy steps that will allow you to put structure to those last minute impromptu presentations.

The first part that you’re going to talk about is the Past

You’re going to start speaking about the Past. So, for example, let’s just say you’re at a wedding and you have to give a toast last minute.

The Past will look something like this: When Sally and Joe first met, we didn’t know if this was going to last. We didn’t know if they were going to stay together. They had some road blocks in the beginning, but you could see that they really did love each other. 

The second part is the Present

The Present will look like this:
And today as we stand here at their wedding celebrating the love that this couple has, we know that they will be blessed for eternity! Their love fills this room and touches all of our hearts.
That is what Present sounds like!

Future, is the last step

The Future during a wedding toast would sound like this:

And as they go out from… after this wedding and move on into their Future, maybe having kids, maybe buying a home together… We hope that we will all come together 50 years from now to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, because we all know, in our hearts that this is a couple that’s meant to last!

Did you see how I easily put together off the top of my head? Impromptu Presentation in the form of a toast based on Past, Present and Future.

And you could do the same thing in any situation!

If you had to deliver a sales Presentation last minute and you had no time to prepare, what could say about the Past direction of the company?

Past could include:
How did the company get started?

The Present can include:
Where is the company today?
What are they focusing on?
What do they promote?
What do they offer?

And the Future may include:
What is the Future direction of this company?
Where could this company go in the Future?
What is the vision for this company?
How many people will they help?
How many will they serve?

Past, Present and Future. It works in almost every situation!

So the next time that you have to deliver a last minute presentation and you get stuck, just remember my easy 3 step process – Past, Present and Future – to ensure that you shine every single time.

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